Killa Kellz & J-Real Drop ‘Hang Wit Me’ Freestyle

Everybody and their momma have caught the P. Rico “Hang W/ Me” fever. Undeniably the Chicago song of the summer, Rico’s turn up joint has parties and clubs going wild.

The track has even caught the attention of fellow artists.

Many rappers across the Chi have dropped a freestyle to the track’s instrumental, including Spenzo, King Louie and Edai.

The latest rappers to murk the beat are Bricksquad 069’s own Killa Kellz and J-Real. The two linked with videographer Fly Ty for the visual to their hot track.

Killa Kellz takes a subliminal jab at opposing rapper Edai in his opening line, rapping, “All these opp ass ni**as remixing sh*t?/Opp ass b*tches wanna f*ck cuz my paper up/I’m steady counting money, I’m getting paper cuts/ Curfew ass ni**as, they can’t hang with us.”

In Edai’s version, the 600 artist raps, “All the opp hoes, yeah they hang with me/Seen double O, I tell em blow, they gon bang with me.”

Killa continues his verbal onslaught, rapping, “A lot of ni**as they be wolfin, they aint on nothing/I’d leave a ni**as head swell like a pumpkin/Potato on the barrel, call that OG Bobby Johnson/A lot of ni**as they be talking, that sh*t is nonsense/A lot of ni**as they be claiming 300/Beeter have the K before I leave em by the dumpster”

J-Real hits the track with similar intensity, rapping, “I come to you block, turn it into catastrophe/My ni**as paint your ass up like a masterpiece/My pockets full as f*ck, ni**a f*ck capacity/Yall ni**as out here begging like charity.”

Check out Killa Kellz and J-Real’s “Hang Wit Me” freestyle visual

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  • whoww

    KILLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sobad

    i like dis. good job

  • lil corey

    Killa Kellz went in like always n dat other nigga went in too

  • mula baby

    was dat j muthafuckin real?

    • patrice

      i thought he had dreads

  • Anonymous

    did tha second nigga rappin say he was gon turn his azz in2 odee…damn

  • lando

    da jreal nigga went crazy on dis shit

  • OsoArrogantBaby

    They went fckin crazy J-Real said 40 on me turn his ass into odee if he want it

  • omar

    killa kellz be spittin damn. i swear u would think he was nyc.

    • traphouzejumpin

      we got spitters n da chi too. new york aint da only place with lyricists. kanye west and common from chicago

  • hi asl


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