L.E.P. Bogus Boys Honor Slain Rapper L’A Capone

It has been a week since Leonard Anderson’s untimely death. The 17-year-old aspiring rapper, who performed under the moniker L’A Capone, was gunned down upon leaving a recording studio Sept. 26.

Interscope artists L.E.P. Bogus Boys decried the violence plaguing their hometown of Chicago and honored the “Play For Keeps” rapper.

“I’m tired of saying rip now another kid died LA capone didn’t know him but I hate to see any young kid die life is already short,” rap duo wrote on Twitter.

L’A Capone hailed from Chicago’s 600 block in the Englewood neighborhood. An unknown assailant struck Capone in the right thigh and lower back, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Medical personnel transported Anderson to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 8:30 p.m. He was 17.

Anderson, who was a burgeoning rap artist, was featured in multiple Hip Hop blogs. His viral hit songs include, “Play For Keeps,” “Round Here,” “Shooters,” “Murder,” “The Gat” and “So Loud.”

Check out music from the L’A Capone below.

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  • Phil

    All He Was Trying to Do Was Provide for his Fam. F*** YM051 #RipLA

    • :) :D ^_^ U HURT YET?



      BDK BDK


  • Teacher

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  • captain no lackin

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  • tx swisha house

    damn dem niggas in chicago off da hook smh

  • Anonymous

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