Lil Boosie Talks Systematic Racism, Says Blacks Should Take Back Neighborhoods and Build Own Economy

Lil Boosie is often regarded as a modern day Tupac Shakur. This is due to the realness the Baton Rouge rapper radiates.

Boosie touched on the issues plaguing the black community and what can be done to build it up during an interview with Peter Bailey.

The “My Struggle” rapper cites poor education, prison, violence, unemployment and the elimination of fathers from the household as the cause of turmoil in the black community.

“We got the poorest education,” he said. “We got the most people locked up in the world… murder capital of the world. I think it really starts from an educational standpoint. If the government not providing jobs for us…you got the three strikes law if people steal out the store three times, their father gone for life. And a kid need his father.”

Boosie says African Americans need to start their own education system in order to rebuild their communities.

“I think what a lot of blacks gotta do is first take back our neighborhoods,” he said. “Arabs, everybody run our neighborhoods. Ever corner store Arab… restaurants. If we was to form and get our neighborhoods back and have money to build our own education to where we hire our own teachers to teach our people. We getting the government to teach out people, they don’t have the same love for us that we got for our kids.”

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  • Anonymous

    niggas aint bout dat we fight n kill each other

  • bswag

    Arabs run ya neighbourhoods. Thats wassup-

  • boosie live in a white neighborhood tho..

    • Tank

      can’t live in da hood when a nigga hiding in ur bushes wit da chopperz tryna steal ya rims. we gotta start thinking about the children and preparing for the future cuz the older niggas n bitches corrupted

      • who ever said da hood, there’s black middle class neighborhoods

  • practice what u preach

  • Anonymous

    bro smart asf

  • Anonymous

    real nigga he aint lied

  • Old Lettuce

    It stupid to make it about “black” anything. Just look at the big picture and realize the system wants you to be a part of the system and get a “job”. Instead of that, try to start a business. My wife and I are immigrants and we have a company of our own with over 20 employees and five company cars. Damn right we live in a white ass neighborhood with a big house and 3 car garage. We earned it. I don’t give a fuck about having a “job”, we make jobs. Point is, you’re better off creating your own situation. Look up teh SBA in your home town, you can get a business loan if you have a good idea and a business plan.

    Cheers to this dude for thinking outside the box that the government and media ant to keep us in. I just don’t think it’s about race. It’s about hard work and finding a way to make it. Be a boss people.

  • Old Lettuce

    Another thing – the reason I like this Chicago scene is all the grinding. These rappers, producers, video artists, etc. are WORKING. You have to hustle at something or you ain’t shit.

    • Fresh Lettuce

      you said everything right but these chiraq rappers are doing a hell of a job marketing and promoting their good ass music without getting anything in return. the industry swagger jacks the fuck out of them and nobody wants to sign these kids but they will sign a nigga from another city that sound like chicago and i really respect this website cuz they really give these artist a platform to express themselves. before this, nobody would know anything about the artists and the culture but fuck da industry they hating on my city man even da niggas dat made it from here dont wanna help us out. but i fuck wit what boosie said. we should just start our own industry and make our own money. niggas in da city need to get together n stop killin n get some real legal money cuz we could take dis bitch over if we did

  • Z

    Boosie aint the only one that said that. If everyone came together and invested in their own block, built homes, businesses, pooled their money together it could work. NO CREDIT NO CREDIT CARDS only cash. But the biggest problem is you cant even trust your own family let alone friends or strangers. Thats the problem, If everyone was on the same page it could work. Gotta stop relying on “the govt” or “the city” to make change, Black people are smart, business savvy, and could do it themselves if they tried. 100~

  • Boosie da realest

    Boosie should talk about his hispanic fans too we’ve endured struggle, hate crimes, and random unreported beatings. Boosie is a hero! i would love to see my raza working side by side by our black brothers! were all stuck in the same poverty stricken environment so why not make the best of it? Black power! La Raza Unidad!

    Much love,

  • Julio

    Old lettuce good statement i agree i just didnt like how u boasted about your company and how much cars you got EX: “My wife and I are immigrants and we have a company of our own with over 20 employees and five company cars. Damn right we live in a white ass neighborhood with a big house and 3 car garage. We earned it. I don’t give a f***”

    completely unrelated but good to know some ones succeeding! keep it up man!

  • @HellaHardBeatz

    So… we want segregation now? thought we had that and wanted to be together?

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