Lil Durk Disses Lil JoJo, P. Rico Responds

It appears Lil’ Durk won’t let slain Chicago MC Lil’ JoJo rest in peace.

The Coke Boy rapper wrote a subliminal tweet mocking the “Have It All” rapper’s tragic death.

“Banshee is da best bikes

“Mite still be alive if he had a banshee lol!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lil’ Durk wrote.

Lil’ JoJo met his untimely demise after he was murdered in a hail of gunfire as he was riding on the back pegs of a friend’s bike.

P. Rico, a close friend of Lil’ JoJo, caught wind of the tweet and slammed the Def Jam artist.


This isn’t the first time Durk was accused of mocking Lil’ JoJo’s murder.

It was presumed Durk took a shot at JoJo in “This Ain’t What You Want” single due to questionable lyrics.

The lyrics, in question, take aim at the BDK movement, an acronym for Black Disciple Killer, popularized by Lil’ JoJo.

“A nigga claiming 300 add a k you done,” Lil’ Durk raps.

Lil’ JoJo made the highly infamous track “3HunnaK,” which took aim at the Black Disciple street gang, namely members Lil’ Reese and Lil’ Durk.

“These niggas claim 300, but we BDK!” he raps in the song’s hook.

“Durk said fuck Bricksquad, so I can’t wait to catch. Squeeze this fucking 40 now they got him on a stretcher,” he later raps in the song.

It was alleged that this song led to the tragic death of the “You Can Have It All” rapper.

Lil’ Durk took to Twitter in April to slam the BDK movement and promote his new song.

“F*ck who Eva say 300k lol y’all broke ni**as want have a chance to see 300k$$$ #disaintwhatyouwant drop 2ma rt

In that same tweet, P. Rico blasted Durk, saying “I BLEW DAT ALREADY GOOFY FUCK 300 BITCH I AM BRICKSQUAD!!!!!!! #DIE LZ.”

Lil Durk repeats the controversial line again from new single in tweet.

“Ni**as claim 300 add a k u done #disaintwhatyouwant dropping 2ma world premier wit @DJTIMBUCK2 at #5pm,” Durk wrote.

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  • Steve-Oz

    lil durk a hoe 4 dat

  • jojo world

    lil durk a keyborad gangster

  • tyra

    whats a banshee

    • tx bang bang


      • craig mack n cheese

        y’all dumb. durk just said its a bike. i swear people dumb

  • kelly

    damn dat aint funny

  • bop

    shanty she wanna hang wit me she wanna hang wit me

  • gmoney

    lil durk is a subtweet gangster scared to @ anybody. Keef know, that why he don’t fuck with that fufu ass nigga. Durk ain’t real he a bitch.

  • Bompton Blood

    all dese niggas funny to me

  • Based god

    rico a bitch. he don’t want it with lil durk. this aint what you want

  • Fadez

    dese niggas need to just worry bout making music n getting dey family up out da hood. let the dead niggas rest in peace.

  • truez

    damn damn damn lol

  • badd121

    yall niggas is young af need to grow up real killer keep quiet dumb bitch who the fuck yall trying to impress at the end of the day god gone judge you and there is no acceptance to dumb shit real talk god not sorry like yall

  • badd121

    and durk you trying to empress yo niggas idgf if jojo was holling fuck knowing about whats going on my thing with this nigga he killed this nigga and on the internet spreading shit what type of killer are u u yall nigga must like getting fuck in the ass cuz u are going to jail real soon cuz dumb young dumb asss nigga u told on yoselfe dumb bitch and chief anit about that life cuz he cry like a lil bitch cuz he got 90 days nigga please imagin if this nigga face life he be crying everyday and hang hisself like the nigga astro from cleveland bitch nigga radio

  • stew picklez

    dat welcome to puerto rico hard but I think rico bon be a one hit wonder

  • 00

    lil durk your a bitch


    find out wea his momma stay ndd she go die 2nite 3hunnak

  • nolackin#300#OTF#600

    Fuck bricksquad , GDK 4Life, these niggas fagget , homo , fufuass bitches #300 #600 #ripLA lamron 300 oblock

    • naughtybitch

      Fuck a la bitch#jojoworld r.i.p my cuzzin durk can sukk a dkk resse can lick a stick nd keef can go do his macoroni shidd mufukas was madd cuz joseph was finna b set wtf is a 300 yall some clowns

  • lil durk better stick to singing haha he aint done shit just like the rest of 3hunna money changes them from bums to fake ass niggas

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