Lil Durk’s OTF Clashes With King Louie’s Mubu At T.I.’s Meet & Greet at The Shop 147

T.I held a special meet and greet with fans and local Chicago artists Wednesday at popular clothing retail store The Shop 147 in Harvey, IL.

But the positive atmosphere soon took a turn for the worse after Lil Durk’s OTF camp clashed with King Louie’s Mubu clique.

The fight immediately continued outside the store and spilled into the street.

This isn’t the first physical altercation between Durk’s associates and Mubu.

The trouble dates all the way back to May 2013 when a fight erupted between Chief Keef’s Glo Gang camp and Mubu during Durk’s “Dis Ain’t What You Want” performance in Davenport, Iowa.

During the altercation, GBE member BallOut’s Jesus piece chain, which previously belonged to Soulja Boy, was snatched. It subsequently ended up in the hands of a young man from Davenport, IA.

Chicago “Drill” artist King Louie took to Instagram to comment on the incident, threatening and calling BallOut a “Fake Thug” in the process.

“Naw dis was chain ballbout took from soulja boy and a fan took it from from @balloutbayyy bitch he betta stay out the city

“#ITsOnlySoLongFakeThugsCanPretend,” King Louie wrote.

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  • this shit getting old, a year ago everyone woulda been pumped reading this but no one gives a fuck there falling off big time nbs

  • even sosa n durk back together, thats the biggest thing that coulda happened to chiraq drill scene n yet alot of people dont even care.. shiddd !

    • Anonymous

      When is ballout dropping bang 3

  • Anonymous

    Itz krump bitch ass dat be causing shit wit all dat twitter woofing.

    • Anonymous

      thats why BJ from dog pound Socked his bitch ass in the jaw lol its on Dthang IG

  • Anonymous

    Mannnnn yall gotta put the videos that Dthang has on his IG up lol, Krump got socked in the mouth hard as fuck lmao then ran// His IG is Dthangfatfat.. And for everyone sayin durk was hidin, in the vid on dthang page when they went outside durk was right up there on the front line.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao durk was like hold my watch, then ran in that bitch hahahhaa

  • Anonymous

    There was too many people tryna play both sides cuz they cool with everyone like the ones that was holdin durk back, looked like a cluster fuck.

  • 207mal

    Queen LouLou mad cause Mubu Fufu

  • Rambo2x

    Whoever Said Krump Got Stole On And Ran Sound Retarded Asl He Socked On A Nigga And A Nigga Snuck Him And Then Ran Backwards Look At The Vid On Krump IG

    • Anonymous

      Krump got socked and almost fell on his ass then ran to TI van.. only reason the dude snuck him was cuz krump tried to sneak hit lil varney

      • Lil Tec

        Man that nigga who socked him run behind his niggas like a lil bitch doe

        • Anonymous

          Same thing about krump tho lol, he tried to hit varney while the police was holdin him back so BJ hit him, then krump stumbled like a mf and got outta there lol

          • Lil Tec

            Was he supposed to run into them they was like 30 deep he woulda get stomped out. But i Didnt see Krump run he was moving back but wasnt running. But Thats none of my business doe.

  • Los Angeles

    cant do nothing for these people in Chicago.. Chicago is the worst city in America. no body cares about who socked who. these idiots cant even have a positive event and represent their city in a positive light. Chicago aka chiraq is the gates of hell

  • realnikkashit

    that pic look like Durk Bout To Get KNocked out lol

  • Tisha

    why these niggas beefin. i know dey fought last year at a concert but is it over?

  • Anonymous

    dey goin crazy lol

  • Anonymous

    Everyone dick ridin louie sayin he choked dthang, but he aint even lock that shit in,if he really was bein choked u could tell.. and as soon as he did it he got pieced up

  • Flex

    At least no Pistols went off.

  • 00


    • Lil Tec

      That was Young Thug that nigga thought it was an Homosexual Gangbang in that bitch

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