Lil Durk Says Incarcerated Father, Dontay Banks, Got Caught With $8 Million & Six Bricks Of Cocaine

Lil Durk’s father, Dontay Banks, is currently serving a life sentence in prison after he was convicted in 1994 of distributing crack-cocaine throughout South Side Chicago.

Durk shed more light on the circumstances that led to his father’s imprisonment in episode four of Noisey’s “Chiraq” documentary.

“My daddy was one of the big guys,” recalled Durk who was only seven months at the time of his father’s arrest. “I seen a lot of it growing up…like I say, my head was just everywhere. I’m like man ‘I wanna be just like him.’”

“They say he got caught with like eight million dollars and like six bricks,” he added.

Durk wrote on Twitter his father was thrown the book for not snitching.

“They gave my daddy life in jail for not telling #realnigga,” Durk wrote.

A then-25-year-old Banks was labeled the ringleader of a criminal enterprise that included associates Robert Shipp, 21; and 25-year-old Mario Dunlap and Alton Mills, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Banks was a reputed member of the notorious Gangster Disciples street gang.

Banks’ suppliers received significantly lower sentences due to their cooperation with prosecutors.

Carneil Simmons, 48, and L.C. Godfrey, 54, plead guilty for their roles in drug distribution and testified against Banks and his cohorts.

They told prosecutors they distributed more than 85 kilos of cocaine to Banks from fall 1991 to May 1993, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Durk’s father has long been the central focus in the Coke Boy’s music.

In “52 Bars,” Durk raps, “Son needed his daddy, I still need him right now/He doing life in the Feds need that appeal right now.”

Durk references his father again in “Dis Ain’t What U Want,” rapping, “Daddy doing life, snitches doing months.”

Durk got even more personal on French Montana’s “Coke Boys 4” mixtape where he made several more references to his father.

Durk is suffering from paranoia due to his father’s as rhymed in the single “Paranoid.”

Durk hit French’s remix, rapping, “Daddy gone, I was a lost child, nigga/I married the streets, kissed my mama goodbye/She say ’17?,’ the way she thinking, had dreams I’ma die.”

Durk name-drops his father again in “Act Like That,” rapping, “Remember I ain’t have no money, remember I was a youngin’/Remember I told my momma that I was out her thuggin’/Just to get kicks, you see/My daddy caught whips and now he copped a plea.”

Banks will be eligible for parole in 2024.

Lil Durk is currently prepping the follow up to his “Signed To The Streets” mixtape and debut compilation album titled “OTF.” Both projects are slated to drop sometime in 2014.

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  • Anonymous

    damn nigga

  • Will

    Which dude is big Durk? the one in paisley coat and mafia shades? Those dudes were hard. None of those dudes would be up on twitter. They would smack that iphone out your hand for net snitchin.

    • hc5l

      That’s some real shit. Real killas and dealers don’t have twitter or ig…All these cats are snitching on themselves, u think cpd dont do shit? They just collecting photos of guns etc, tweets and they got tons of evidence. Soon they gonna take down many niggas, just watch

  • Anonymous

    Real nigga shit, y’all seen Durk rockin to Keef, they ain’t beefing

  • lackin

    damn 8 mil… he shoulda quit while he was ahead.

  • Anonymous

    durk how you gdk and your pops a gd. and your uncle was a gd regent too? snitchin ass jello banks got merked in 95 for cooperating with the feds. he got taken out on pops orders, i remember when that shit went down i was a youngin and the leadership was fallin apart. back on topic: durk neeed to dead all this beef within the nation. i could see him reunitin the folks, he got the power to do it. you notice the nigga aint never dip the rakes like rondo and all them 600 boys be doin.

    • Anonymous

      You see him drop the rakes in Play for keeps. when that whack ass nigga rondo is rappin “GDK fuck a brick get exposed”.

  • yall niggas are bitches abd snitches..stfu! btw im killa keemo killa

    how about he leave that bullshit aside and maje legal money and be there for his kids and family ? you wouldn’t have knownhis pops and uncle were regents until lil jay said it. your ass wouldnt have known what a regent was if not for Google. stop acting like you know these niggas…. you don’t…. you just a wanna be ass fab and I hate your kind. fake ass nigga, smh. I swear I be wanting to beat the fuck out of sone of these dickriding fans, thats why I stop using twitter…niggas be swallowing internet throat babies like nothing ….then going around claiming sets that aren’t part of , bitch ass niggas.

    • #00 lil hoe

      haha nigga why yhu always angry. you stay tweakin on here lmfao

    • Anonymous

      Nigga knows more then your ass, and you always on here netbanging real niggas dont do that. fuck nigga

    • Anonymous

      fuck are you talkin bout nigga? when jello got dropped that was a crazy time. niggas on nation biz know exactly why that was a crazy time, i aint even gon say no more on it. just because you use google to plug you dont mean errybody else do youngin. and his pops wasnt even a regent you dumbfuck. mayne its too many fakes on dis fuckin site, knowin damn well you aint from da land and then tryna accuse me of some shit. if you wanna link up in da city holla at me youngin, ill show ya some love homie.

      • Anonymous

        Old ass niggas dont be on here stop faking fuckboy

        • Anonymous

          i aint old nigga im 27. i been in the field for 17 years. i dont bang no more but i pay attention to whats goin on with my lil niggas. nigga i come from dro city royalty…

  • Montghanistan

    ^shut yo hoe ass up bitch

    • yall niggas are bitches abd snitches..stfu! btw im killa keemo killa

      Learn 2 reply fuckboy. before i come and eat yo ass out nigga

  • Utah gangster

    At least Durk knows who his Dad is, some of these guys in Chicago have no clue, therefore having no respect or love for there fellow men.

  • Anonymous

    durk father is a legend lol

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