Lil Durk Says RondoNumbaNine Is Coming Home Soon At Concert

Lil Durk again held firm on his stance that RondoNumbaNine would soon be out of his legal jam.

Rondo, 17, was charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of cab driver Javan Boyd. The OTF affiliate is in Cook County awaiting trial. He was ordered held on $2 million bail.

Durk appeared live in concert to reaffirm that Rondo would soon be hitting the streets.

“Yall f*ck with Nuski? Turn the f*ck up, bro going crazy. That’s my son,” Durk told the crowd. “Next time I’ma bring Rondo and Fredo. Bro coming home soon.”

Lil Durk recently spoke with RondoNumbaNine in a short six-minute jailhouse phone call.

According to the Durk, Rondo stated he would soon be home.

“6min just got me on it lilbro said f*ck all you n*ggas he hittin da streets real @rondo600stevedr #OTF,” Durk wrote on IG.

Rondo previously held a phone conversation with Fredo Santana and stated he was “coolin.”

Lil Durk has stood by Rondo in the midst of his legal woes.

Lil Durk sported a custom sweatshirt with wording that calls for Rondo’s freedom.

The “Signed To The Streets 2” rapper posted an image of himself to IG wearing the hoodie that reads, “Free #9 OTF For Life.”

“All my n*ggas we some stars we up now we up now we up now free my son @rondo6oostevedr,” the caption on the post read.

Lil Durk issued a statement via IG on Rondo soon after news of his murder charge hit the net.

“Just talk to my son he good man real n*gga gotta hold em up out here grind time on my end #rondo6oostevedr #otf

“We a different breed of young n*ggas that’s why everybody f*ck with us #OTF,” the captions on Durk’s IG posts read.

Durk additionally called for Rondo’s freedom on Twitter.

“Free my lilbro @RondoNumbaNine F*ck these Otha n*ggas

“F*ck 12 and opps we gone make em free rondo,” he wrote.

Prosecutors allege RondoNumbaNine, whose birth name is Clint Massey, and Cdai, born Courtney Ealy, were part of a three-car entourage riding through enemy territory looking for revenge due to an earlier altercation with an unnamed party, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Rondo and Cdai allegedly sighted Boyd sitting in his vehicle and pulled their vehicle alongside his.

The two 600 rappers allegedly went to Boyd’s passenger door and asked if he was from the neighborhood. When Boyd replied he was from the neighborhood, Rondo and Cdai opened the passenger door and opened fire, according to the Tribune.

Boyd was reportedly shot seven times in all, including, twice in the back and three times in the leg, according to the Sun Times.

Rondo and Cdai allegedly rushed back to their vehicle and all three vehicles fled the scene.

A portion of the crime was caught on surveillance camera, according to the Sun-Times. Rondo’s fingerprints were additionally found on the cab, according to the Tribune.

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  • #TaskForce BMK

    Keep that monkey in jail we don’t want him

    • #TaskForce BMK


  • Anonymous

    Rondo da snake

  • kollegekid deletes Toronto comments.

    foh these niggas always standing in corners in photos, lil durk deals must suck cause his enviroment always messy.

  • man S/o rondo bro kept it 600! fuck cdai pure snitch! #CdaiK

    • on 4nem bro! All cdai had to do was deny shxt instead he informing making deals for less years smh #CdaiK. free MY Shorty rose!

      • Drose RealNigga

        Fuck Rondo for snitching on cdai and fuck cdai for snitching on Drose #BULLYMOB600ONELOVE

        • na bro rondo never snitched, jus cdai snitch on shorty drose!! fuck cdai

          • Anonymous

            A few shortys from 46 said Rondo snitched first thats why he is coming home

  • Anonymous

    why lil durk lie to his fans like that

    • hes always lying, durk the biggest emotional nigga i seen after drake

  • Anon

    Rumor ass niggas drose just posted a pic 50 mins ago talking about thots saying “dumb bitch in 22 voice” and what logic is that cdai snitched on rondo but rondo is supposedly getting out “before” the “snitch”

    • Anonymous

      Thats his brother on his instagram he Said that à few days ago #freeDrose #Fuck22

    • on my dead homie u the biggest retarded ever! how can cdai snitch on rondo when rondo went in first? cdai snitched on drose n “in 22 voice” is a diss too cdai u retard n drose niggas controlling his insta why u acting like only one person can control the account? dumb asses frfr man

    • n hu say rondo getting out b4 the snitch thats ur dumb logic! dem niggas gonna face trial n probs get guilty verdict with cdais information !

    • jon_doe_1983

      Really tho. A snitch not gettin out before the nigga he pointin fingers at. And, if they both were there why Rondo get a bail and other dude held without? How one time know what was said before the shots? Niggas is snitchin.

      • jon_doe_1983

        Y’all Chicago niggas crazy. Leave the bs alone and get money. Stop throwin ya lives and careers away. Y’all got that big ass city and its full of money. Sit a bitch on the track, push ya product, fuck the dumb shit.

      • tdotwegotushii

        bruh u a fufu ass nuggah
        cdai aint get bail cuz he just got out on probation and when he got arrested for the murder they set his bail at a milli but cuz he was on probation he violated his terms so
        he cant get out on bail cuz of his old charges for violating them


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    Fuck Task Force nigga We TFK out here

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    yall stupid for thinkin cdai snitched!!!!!! rondo has a 2$ million bail, while cdai has no bail. its obvious cdai aint do any snitchin. think about it smh yall dumb.

    • tdotwegotushii

      he aint get bail cuz he violated his probation terms

  • Utah gangster

    Lil Durk, always the optimist.

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