Lil Herb Reveals What The ‘G’ In G Herbo Stands For

Lil Herb goes by two stage names. Though “Lil Herb” is much more commonly used, he can also be called “G Herbo.”

Herb revealed the latter name has special meaning during an interview with Hip Hop Wired.

“I don’t consider myself a young O.G. I kinda am,” he said. “I got the name G Herbo from one of my big homies. He called my G Herbo. I didn’t make that name up. G in my neighborhood don’t mean like G like gangster. It mean like general, you get respect.”

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  • matown2

    That nigga Lil herb need to stay the fuck out of Chiraq, you only can tempt fate so long before it finally catches up with you. herb actually got talent in this rap shit he need to get like Bibby and get ghost before he become jus another RIP or BIP on a T shirt. As hot as NLMB hood is this nigga shouldn’t be spending too much time there them Lakeside & KTS niggas jus waitin to catch one of them niggas lackin jus like they got his homies Roc, Pistol P & Kobe. Herb got to wise up before its too late.

    • Tonio Castile

      LAKESIDE/KTS didn’t smoke lil Roc or Pistol P. Just Kobe. Get yo facts straight.

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