Lil Jay’s Affiliate, Butta, Charged With Murder

Lil Jay’s affiliate, Butta, has been charged with murder, according to his inmate report. Butta, 20, was arrested May 7. He is being held on $250,000 bond in Cook County.

Butta appeared In Jay’s “Take You Out Your Glory” music video.

Lil Jay was arrested May 7 on unspecified charges, according to his inmate report.

Lil Jay was arrested on Jan. 7 on a weapon charge. The FBG Clout Boy was charged with reckless discharge of a firearm. Lil Jay eventually was let off on probation.

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  • Kwon Jones


  • AfrikaanBootyScratcher

    my daddy need to snitch on him so he can go free

  • ion_get_tired_bruh

    bruh chi town niggas have no chill whatsoever

  • TheAfricanFromCaptainPlanet

    They bout to give this boy 60

  • Queens Bridge

    dats ki bro?

    • DumbDumbDumb


      • southphillysol

        Didn’t he get shot up when they killed her???

        • 062jaro

          Yeah they shot her in front of a lady crib on 62nd she was walking right by da house and niggas walked up and fired butta was bussin backon my life

  • soinsane

    butta a real savagae
    background nigga but a real shoota

    • Thotianaa

      a real savage huh,just like lil jojo

      oh wait.he dead ha!

      • soinsane

        Yea that’s the life in chiraq
        If you find it dumb then why you follow it dumbass

  • Jay Yoyo

    This shit got meh fucked up disz nigga like da whole reason 1 fucks wit #00 1 mean besides dem trackz dat banqq like ah muhfuckin mac buh dey gotta let br0 go frfr if dey don’t den muhfuckaz might jas rush da jail fucka bail , buh dey go free Butta 26 he too smoove he aint shoot nobody da bullet slide off him nd ricochet nd hit his opps ina head what more cuh 1 say he innocent 4rm all charges period .

    • Jay Yoyo

      It was da fugang dat shot at him nd kill dey own self shit ; dey don’t call him Butta for no reason da bullets slide right off him nd hit da haters ; Lil Jay absorb dem nd have to get surgery later on to remove dem , it’s a different style they both have they own style free br0 onareal

      • southphillysol

        Say no to drugs…smbaldasshead

        • Jay Yoyo

          say yes to drugs , specifically rogaine old ass bald headed ass nigga yu da fake ass snake boy yo hairline says it all look like yu turning into a snake

      • Dman

        You sound like a bitch. Stop dick eating dude.

        • Jay Yoyo

          yo mama a bitch she suck my dick nd spit she didn’t swalla fuxk dat dicksuckin ho she suck so many dicks she learn to just spit b4 1 cuh make dat bitch swalla it dat bitch not innocent

          • Dman

            Yea u defitnitely a bitch

          • Jay Yoyo

            Yea yo momma definitely raise a bitch like mother like son

    • Jay Yoyo

      1 should say dem tracks BOOM!! boomboomboomboomboomBOOM!!

  • mjhggj

    Lil jayz telling. He got caught first then all of a sudden butta gets knocked that same day smh free BUTTA BABY

    • southphillysol

      Yeah…he definitely a snake…he put a twitter post up awhile ago that said I will do whatever it takes to better me…smbaldasshead

      • Jay Yoyo

        yea you definitely a dicksuck smh dick head at disz fakkit ass nigger

      • Jay Yoyo

        look at yo goofy ass head yu turning into a snake fake ass fu boy

  • Thotianaa

    ya goin to jail now(cleveland bus driver voice)

  • ODC101

    Whats Butta’s real name?

  • Midwest

    Lil jay snitching

  • 2rill

    what happen to the whiteboi arealest???

  • NoNameNoGame

    he looks dirty

  • #00

    Butta made Oblock

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