Lil Jay Drops ‘Can’t Stand You’ Music Video

Lil Jay can’t stand lames, thotianas and opps. This provided the inspiration for new single “Can’t Stand You.”

Director Killa Canon Boiz captures Lil Jay inside an empty white room. The FBG rapper periodically peeks through the blinds in this visual.

Lil Jay hits the track in full auto-tune, rapping, “I’m balling hard in the game, but I ain’t got no handles/Sneak dissing n****s, I can’t stand you/You wear that fake jewelry, your designer is a scandal/Disrespect the squad, now you’re a example.”

This single may appear on Jay’s upcoming mixtape “Clout Lord.”

One Trey makes a cameo appearance in this visual.

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  • I’ll kill you

    Fuck the opps

  • I’ll kill you

    Lil jay been making hits, but this shit here is a flop.

    • Capo

      Yea this shit weak



    • Anonymous

      atleast bullymob famous.i still dont know wtf is oth

      • jango mandingo bullymobk dey allmighty homos

        nigga only thing bullymob known for is for starting roast wars then runnin talkin bout catch em on imvu .when you roast a bullymob nigga out you dont see em for month.lmaoo like bullymob jay

        • Anonymous

          lmao facts

        • Anonymous

          Jango i see you’re slave ass is still working on your grammar.

  • squad shyt

    dese niggas talk about wearing designer but be wearing those FuFu (FF) shirts lmfao

    • Anonymous

      FUFU shirts lmfao

  • 3hunna

    Lil Jay part of the fu boy gang

  • dope

    the chorus sounds like jet li by chief keef this song iight tho

  • jones

    yoo i am not from the chi but can anyone answer my question ,, what means double 00 ??

    lil jay reps that all the time

    • bullymobk

      Just a rondo numba 9.cdai is.number 22.fbg duck is number 3..its like saying they shooters…basketball shooters numbers mostly..very corny

      • Anonymous

        Stands for how many dicks you got in your ass

      • michael

        nah rondo’s 9 stands for the first person he killed was with a nine

  • Chicago

    Dis nigga is a real fraud I swear. Still throwing down treys and disrespecting guys. Keep up all da bullshit but neva out in da streets leaving his guys to suffer the consequences. Da GD’s so got damn dumb dey let this flip flop use dem to hide and to try to get on in da rap game knowing damn well he aint drilled or drilling shit. Check his twitter page. When da lil girl K.i got killed he posted about he finna get in traffic and kill somebody 10 mins. later he tweeted he in Iowa. FRAUD!!!

  • Chicago

    Fuck he doin drivebys in a jet? Shit so fake it aint funny. Stop da violence and lets enjoy da summer and all goofies stop twitter killin! we dont believe you u need more people…

  • GuwopGang 500

    Godawful song. And how is he still alive? He got shot 21 times, supposedly, but I guess they keep missing his vital organs. And lmao at FuFu shirts. That’s all he wears in his videos.

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