Lil JoJo’s Brother Swagg Dinero Says He May Not Claim ‘BDK’ Forever

Swagg Dinero revealed to fans he was jailed for 80 hours last week. During his brief stay in the jailhouse, he had some time to think.

Swagg commented he may not rep BDK forever. He did; however, say will always be “300k.”

“I Might not always Be #BDK forever, But on JoJo, On everything i love, Imma ALWAYS BE 300k Take it how u want to, Ion give no Fuck

“If you a real nigga you’ll understand dat. I been locked up for da last 80 Hours yall. All nigga do is think up in there. I jst got out 6AM,” he wrote.

It was Swagg’s brother Lil JoJo who popularized the phrase “BDK,” an acronym for Black Disciple Killer. The phrase took on a life of its own following the release of the viral street anthem ‘3HunnaK,” where JoJo raps, “These ni**as claim 300, but we BDK.”

Lil JoJo, born Joseph Coleman, met his demise Sept. 4, 2012 after he gunned down in a drive-by shooting while riding on the back pegs of a friend’s bike. The phrase BDK continues to be repped hard by many in and out of Chicago.

Swagg made good on his word that he will always be 300K. The “Stop Playin” rapper released the 300 diss song “JoJo Gang” this past weeked.

In “JoJo Gang,” Swagg raps, “Lil Durk, you a f*cking hoe, you a pussy out the pack/Reese man, you a ball player/don’t get sent off in this rap/Catch Boss Top and catch off top, shorty ass gon get whacked/Chief Keef, you ain’t a f*cking chief, who the f*ck told you that.”

Is Swagg’s recent revelation a sign of growth? Sound off below

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  • Anonymous


  • Tee

    there’s bds everywhere. u can’t help what hood u born in


    he growin up. a lot u stupid muthafuckas can’t even spell bdk lmao

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    goofy nigga been reppin bdk for a year lol

  • A.P.

    swagg’s a pussy #BDK

  • BDK

    bdk bdk bdk bdk

  • dave

    he getting older and about his money. reppin bdk dont make money

  • Anonymous

    that bdk shit so dumb. we all black. y’all chicago niggas need to get y’all lives together

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    salute swagg!

  • This nigga got locked up for 3 days and now he ready to stop internet banging, meanwhile this nigga never put in no work, how you dropping a set you was never apart of, makes you reflect when this nigga dissed chief keef and said how you cry over jail time when you from o block. now this nigga talking about, “i aint gone be bdk forever.” WELL HELLO IF YOURE GOING TO BE 300K THEN YOUR OBVIOUSLY BDK. NIGGAS DONT CARE NO MORE IF YOU AINT GONE BE BDK NO MORE. YOU SAID WHAT YOU SAID YOU PUT IT ON THE INTERNET, YOU MIGHT THINK YOU WHAT YOU SAID WAS SMART BUT YOU JUST A FUCK BOY NOW.

  • Flex

    Did this nigga say he’s been locked up 4 80 bhours an had time 2 think?

  • All yall some bitch made niggaz. Shut da fuk up pussy home bitches…300 hunna faggot

  • Jojo gang shit #BDK Dir Lzzzzz RIP chief Jojo 300k. BDK the movement Aikiville or no Ville!!! Jojo world or no world fuck the opps fall back off my nigga dinero!!!!!!!!! #StopPlayin

  • Kaleel Moore

    Rip Lil Jojo bricksquad

  • Brandon Moore

    Fuck jo jo gdk rest in piss bitch ass nigga fuck anybody dont like it

  • Sammy Sosa

    Brandon Moore u is a loser speaking on a dead 18 year old u got nun better to do #lowlife and plus the it said his name in the title if u don’t like him why click on it anyway

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