Lil’ JoJo’s Brother Swagg Finds Shocking Definition of Chief Keef’s ‘Macaroni Time’

Chicago rapper Swagg recently clowned GBE rapper Chief Keef for his use of the phrase “Macaroni Time.”

Swagg posted an image via Instagram defining the phrase.

According to Urban Dictionary, “macaroni time” is defined as “Prison style sex between two African American males. Most often nonconsensual.”

“Awwww shit SMMFH,” the caption of the photo read.

It is not entirely certain what the phrase means, but is up for interpretation.

Macaroni is made with cheddar and could be a metaphor for money.

What do you think “Macaroni Time” means? Sound off below.

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  • jesse

    wtf lol

  • pike fratz

    macaroni time don’t mean that

    • Ajah

      Hop Off This Then !

  • dawgy world

    hahahaha man that is a lie but it funny lol

  • keisha

    too funny

  • macaroni tyme

    swagg a hatin ass bitch. chief keep getting while still a broke boy

    • Ajah

      Nah , What He Gotta Hate For .. He Having Shit Too .

    • Anonymous

      What he got to hate for…?

  • Power move

    Man gtfoh. It mean gettin cheese

  • Raveen

    Well maybe his ass needa find out what shit mean before he make songs about it. Y’all ass know the media a fuck witchu & that’s just real shit.

    • Ajah

      Right , and He Knew It !

  • Bang 2 SUX


  • Damn when will these nigguhs learn fukin wit dem real nigguhs dunt getchu nuthin buta dirt nap.go put sum flowers on dat ho nigguh grave n think about wutchu doin to yurself. Ps. Yall nigguhs been eatn keef dick so who really gay.?

  • The chief gettin money famous af while no one even knows who swagg is.n super gay name if i mite add.only reason we hearda his bro is cuz he got spanked for runnin dat mouth.sshhhh. if u listen close u can hear keef countinhs money. #SOOOOSSSSAAAAA

    • Tooli

      u a dick riding faggot pussy

  • Umm…ima gurl n yes i deff ridez dick.nice try doe

    • Tooli

      den stfu n hop on my dick thot

    • wildboy

      well ride me n b satisfied……lol

  • wildboy

    the song is reffered to what it looks like wen you are shot in the head if your brains fall out it looks like chunksw of macaroni

  • 136K

    er bdy BDK so stfu bds get wack fucc odie jmoney la capone keke all dey dead homies 600k 300k bdk die Lz or fly shells squaaaad d rose next

  • Manny the Mac

    that nigga gay fuck who feel some type of way… Take yall ass to the Macaroni time song lyrics and analyze his clues!!! he aint talm bout offing no pussy so he talm bout the loads that went offin his dukeshoot lmao fufu faggot

    • Anonymous

      The fuck does talm mean you fucking spastic… Talk… Fuckinn ell you stupid mother fucker… Sort your self out… ya fuckin remedial, Do you know what that means? nah…

  • fefe

    This nigga just ruined macaroni ..

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