Lil JoJo’s Brother Swagg On Chief Keef: ‘I Aint Da Only One Who Lost A Bro’

Swagg, brother of slain Chicago rapper Lil’ JoJo, had a distinct message for his haters and members of Glory Boyz Entertainment.

The “Merch” rapper lashed out against those who mocked the death of his younger brother.

“I aint da Only one who lost a bro either. For all you dumb ass fans just sayin anything.

Chief Keef’s stepbrother Ulysses Gissendanner was shot dead on Jan. 2 after visiting an uncle.

Chief Keeftook to Twitter to pay his respects for his fallen brother.

“RIP Bro BooMan #NoWorries #Bang,” he tweeted.

Gissendanner, affectionally known to friends and family as ‘Boomie,’” was related to the “Hate Being Sober” rapper by marriage.

Authorities do not believe family connection had anything to do with his murder.

Swagg’s brother Lil’ JoJo, too, was murdered in a senseless act of violence.

Englewood resident Lil’ JoJo was murdered in a hail of gunfire in a drive-by shooting as he was riding on the back pegs of a friend’s bike. Witnesses described the vehicle as a tan, older model, four-door Ford Taurus that was riding low in the back, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Authorities believe members of the Black Disciples street gang are responsible for Coleman’s death.

Coleman’s home going service proved to be very tough for the slain rapper’s family. Coleman’s mother Robin Russell cried heavily as her son’s casket was lowered into the ground at Mt. Hope Cemetery in the Morgan Park Neighborhood, according to the Sun Times.

Swagg was pleased with the support for his deceased brother at his funeral.

“Today’s a rough day for me. We grew up together. I’m not feeling right. I’m feeling crazy right now. But sh*t you see all the people supporting him. He was loved,” John Coleman said, according to the Sun Times. “Everyone wanted to see him. That didn’t make me mad. It makes me feel good. He was respected. He was known and appreciated.”

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    Swagg betta leave my baby Chief Keef alone

    • Anonymous

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      • KoolieDunkin

        lol @ girl shut yo ass up chief keef got his brother killed you really expect $wagg not to say nun?? lool

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  • atown hitta

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  • Cody Get Ca$h

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  • dre da real

    Fuck that nigga chief keef. Rip lil jo jo… man if I was his brother I would of killed all them niggas and mfs that had somethingto do with it… and who da fuck do drive buys now a days this ain’t the 90s. Swear niggas straight bitches. I would of killed all them niggas real shyt. Ifthat was my brother nigga.

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  • tarsha

    Ls down RÍO JOJO he was a bomb azz rapper he still
    For my respect

  • tarsha

    Jojo has mhy respect ls down cheef keef a get wit

    Tf jojo has sun to say

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like all the beef goin on in our city. too much talent for hate yafeelme. Larry Hoover n King David wouldnt approve of this. they combined to form one nation. these kids don’t know our history

  • pound of dope

    chief keef walk around actin like he aint lose a brother

  • Chief keef haters

    well It might be stupid tp judge people but Im just saying if lil jojo was my brother or at-least my friend im ga ahead and fuck that shitat everyone who has to do anything with my bro rip lil jojo we will never forget you and be cool we’re gonna find out who did it.

    • Anonymous

      Chief keef bitch

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  • desnaay

    Yall sayin that JoJo was tryna be like GBE…. Pleaase stop the maddness. We all know if Jojo was still alive it would be no Chief Keef on the charts. I think they took him cuz they knew he was going to be doing big. #3HunnaK ! <3 R.i.p Jojo <3 Miss You !

  • Anonymous

    Men are so sexy

  • Anonymous

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  • Drobody

    Fuck keef ……….T.V.L

  • Drobody

    Westside fuck wit Jc aka jojo…… mean flow ……b.i.p shorty u was that nigga even tho i didn’t kno u i felt the music my nigga …$T.V.L$……S.O.A……

  • Anonymous

    Yall jus promoting violence to continue smh yall should be ashamed

  • HTown103CuneyHomes

    Chief Keef is a hoe as nigga nd i bet them bitch ass niggas want come to HTOWN with tht bullshit….3rd Ward 103 &YSB in this bitch.

  • Anonymous

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  • you all idiots cant belive you biggin up swagg n jojo and keef too they waving guns in they videos n they are kids. fuckin kids why u supporting the only god knows shame wat happened to jojo but he put himself there n sorry but swagg will b next talkin shit like that keef is a mess in his heard stop supporting this gang violence ps jojo was shit rapper only rapped bout guns n killin pipo wat a twat n u idiots get a buz from it

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