Lil Reese Mourns Lost Friends

Chicago is a battleground. The Englewood neighborhood where Reese resides is embedded with violence.

In impoverished communities across the nation, it is common for one to lose many close associates within one year. It is no different in a city many residents have now dubbed “Chiraq.”

Lil Reese has taken to Twitter throughout the past year to remember the lost souls he regarded as his brothers.

Lil Reese, who reps the Lamron Black Disciples, lost many close friends from the 600 and 300 community.

Reese reflected on his losses at the close of the month of November.

“Lost real niggas dis year yu ain’t gone feel how I feel…#300,” he wrote on Twitter.

Reese’s reflection was sparked by the sudden death of close friend Lil Pat.

Lil Pat, also known as Pluto, was killed in a rollover crash on Lake Shore Drive Friday morning, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. He was 24.

“Wat it look like bitch rip @blackmigopat300 #300 Brother keeper GangShitOnly

“Rip bro nem the real miss y’all,” Reese wrote in reference to Pat.

Just two months ago, Reese mourned the loss of another fallen comrade J-Money.

Jerome Wood, known to friends and family as “J Money,” died after suffering a gunshot wound to the head on Labor Day in the West Woodlawn neighborhood. He was 21.

“Rest Broski I love u

“Rip jmunna and rob the turn up real 4dem Guyz…#300,” Reese wrote.

Another friend lost includes rising rapper L’A Capone.

L’A Capone, an up and coming artist who hailed from Chicago’s 600 block, succumbed to injuries sustained in a shooting upon leaving a recording studio.

L’A Capone, whose birth name is Leonard Anderson, entered an alley following his recording session when an unknown assailant fired several shots, striking the “Round Here” rapper in the right thigh and lower back, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

“If he can’t break bread he Fake…#RipLilLA,” Reese wrote.

Reese also remembered slain 300 member Odee Perry.

Odee Perry, 20, was murdered Aug. 11, 2011 after he suffered multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the neck, near the Parkway Gardens, a low-income housing complex located on 64th street and King drive in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, according to The Chicago Tribune.

“Rip moe rip odee rip dem guyz we gone shine 4yall…#300

“Oblock odee rip Broski FTO,” he wrote.

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  • Anonymous

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  • smack cam

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    rip 2 dem savages

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