Lil Reese Reacts To The Arrest of L’A Capone’s Killers

Lil Reese took to social media to weigh in on the shocking development in L’A Capone’s yearlong murder investigation.

The suspects allegedly involved in the September 2013 slaying of up and coming Chicago rapper L’A Capone have been charged with first-degree murder.

“N-ggas is b-tches dey a snith get cha a 100 years……

“Tell all the guys I said beat the f-ck outa rockhead again and wen dey catch lil mick stomp his sh-t out 2 lol dum ass,” he wrote.

Michael Mays, 21, and 17-year-old Sakhee Hardy-Johnson were ordered held on $500,000 bail and $350,000 bail, respectively.

Mays and Hardy-Johnson allegedly confessed to the crime, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The alleged rival gang members had an ongoing dispute with Capone, Assistant State’s Attorney Alex Molesky said in court, according to the Tribune.

Capone, born Leonard Anderson, was shot in the right thigh and lower back following a recording session at a South Shore studio. He was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. He was 17.

Anderson was a burgeoning rap artist whose viral hit songs include, “Play For Keeps,” “Round Here,” “Shooters,” “Murder,” “The Gat” and “So Loud.”

Check out music from the L’A Capone below:

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    • truez

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      • Anonymous

        G herbo started saying gang first dumbass nigga

  • Sounds like Rockhead & Mick are going to be beaten to within an inch of their lives if they are lucky.

  • jojo world…….still!

    Anybody who knows jail knows hood rules apply there maybe niggas who hate LA and niggas who dont they gonna be safe or even niggas gone protect em.

    • Eat A Booty Gang: Cool Guy(former cop/former brown disciple gang leader)

      Hood rules don’t apply in jail anyone who knows about jail knows that idiot

  • Anonymous

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    • 060boy_lildsavage

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  • Parish

    Lol somebody mad. Sounds like 051 been gettin soft. Fbg will be the next ones dead or jailed. Fuck thought he was. Thought THEY was

    • Slick

      How you know they getting soft? They might have caught a few body’s and you aint even know it.

  • Lil Tec

    Damn Rocko snitching on Lil Mick like that, thought he was a real nigga tho.

  • realnikkashit

    priboy’s girl @_Tamaraaaaa_ betta watch her ass from them 6double0 boyz if L.a was my bro ill catch priboy girl lackin cuz he aint comin out but that shit there gonn hurt him deep lol

    • Lil Tec

      Man fuck them niggas Priboy and Rocko snitching on they nigga Lil Mick. Them niggas got they Loose Screws screwed back and started snitching right away.

      • Lil Tec

        My bad nigga Priboy aint snitching he got locked up for some other shit

  • jojo world…….still!

    all fucken gay!

  • Lil Tec

    There are now 3 niggas charged. Rocko going Crazy with that snitching shit.

    • Anonymous

      They all confessed.. and Priboy and rocko is the same fuckin person idiot.
      The driver confessed while awaiting for another unrelated trial.

  • FuckGloGang

    Ion think they 051 YM they wouldnt snitch on them self or on sumbody

    • FUCKYM051

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      it tell u right in the mf article wat these niggas did. FACT
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