Lud Foe Responds To Smokecamp Chino and Rocaine’s Diss

Lud Foe isn’t sweating Smokecamp Chino and Rocaine. Days ago, the Detroit rappers dissed him on social media. Lud Foe says he’s too busy counting blue bills to do the back-and-forth on the Internet.

“You n****s ain’t getting no f*****g money,” Lud Foe said. “That’s the f*****g with you little boys. I’m a grown ass man. You n****s ain’t getting no money. That’s why y’all mad, man. Go Get some money, man. You n****s broke and y’all mad. I’m a real street n***a. Just because you don’t see no jocks don’t mean I don’t got em. You do all that social media s**t. I don’t do that. You’ll never catch me on the Internet doing all that social media running my mouth, telling what I’ma do to a n***a. None of that. I’m a real street n***a. You n****s actors.”

Chino had some choice words for the Chiraq rapper following a conversation he had with one of his guys.

“F**k Lud Foe. P***y ass n***a. Calling bro talking bout what’s up with Chino. Don’t call n***a. Holler at me. I ain’t even say s**t. I said you did some p***y ass s**t. That’s all I said,” Chino said. “I ain’t say ‘F**k that n***a when I see him.’ Now you wanna say all that s**t and do all that Internet s**t. It’s on. It’s whatever. You can’t come to Detroit. You can’t come to Detroit. You bet not never come to Detroit. That’s word to my f*****g kids. On my dead n***a.”

Chino clarified he is not beefing with Chicago. His only issue is with Lud Foe.

Chino wrote on Twitter, “I f**k wit real n****z from Chicago active n***a you a kid to me.”

Rocaine later inserted himself in Chino and Lud Foe’s beef, writing, “Foe don’t want them problems with the cutta man.”

Chino replied, “On my soul he don’t I wouldn’t even shoot beat that boy like his og.”

Rocaine said he is standing by Chino in whatever beef he is in.

He wrote, “My brother got a problem with a n***a then f**k that n***a.”

Ro went on to weigh in on Soulja Boy’s beef with Rico Recklezz.

He wrote, “Not with soulja boy his s**t been fu still fu. And he coppin plea to that crab n****A Rico.”

Rico learned of Rocaine’s words and messaged him, writing, “boy I’m not a crab is u slow I’m from Chicago dumb ass REAL MEMBERS.”

Rico wrote. “Shorty lil goof ass from Detroit kno betta. Sumbody prolly told him who play wit an who not 2 he don’t kno know better RECKLEZZ


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