Machine Gun Kelly “Wild Boy” Ft. Wacka Flacka

Cleveland’s own Machine Gun Kelly, aka MGK, releases new video for his hot single “Wild Boy” featuring Wacka Flacka Flame. Check out video below and comment.

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  • Sarah

    Lace the f*ck up

  • Casey v

    Ima wild boy!!!!!!

  • DaddyD

    Cleveland in dis bitch!

  • St.clair

    216 all day

  • Washboy

    Lol at the beginning

  • Ashley

    Ok, who is he?

  • Dave

    Ok 2 crappy rappers on a song together

    • 50Tyson

      I know right

  • Lance

    This song is shit

  • Mgkfan

    Omg I love this song

  • Westside

    U aint gonna hear from this guy in like…15 minutes

  • Ness

    Why whites want to take over all aspects of black culture

  • Damecash

    Does diddy want to ether this guyz career by having waka on this track

  • Akron’sFinest

    This nigga been famous only ten 15 min and done sold out with this bullshit hahahahah

  • Bestbuyz

    Shitz wack yo

    • Mgk4Life

      Why u gotta hate on someone doing somethin positive

  • Firesqaud

    I love it!!!

  • Joey

    This guy sucks donkey balls

  • Quezzy

    First rap video with more white people than black lol

  • James

    Does he have the same logo as wale

  • Fox

    Her dads racist,lol

  • 216biatches

    LACE DA F***********************CK UP BITCHESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Laced


  • Boosiegoodass

    And who’s ur friend,lmao!!!!!

    • Montana

      Rofl!! Thats one guy

  • swaagy

    Shoot this man for commercial the minute he gets signed smh

  • cleveland_barbie

    Cleveland Stand Up!!!!!!

  • buckeye

    Ima wild boy ima ima wild boy

  • Spongerob

    Mgk and waka gonna run a train on his daughter

  • FromdaCObutnotaCOP

    S/O to da homie MGK. The only thing making OH look good right now.

  • Treysongz

    Ayyyyyy im a wild boy call me steve o

  • shaw

    I hope he open da door for da rest of niggas to eat from da land

    • crazyjay

      That nigga is signed with diddi. He not even eatin. The only thing he is eatin is puffyz azzhole

  • Crazyjay

    Mgk looks like mcauly calkin all grown up

  • 7mile

    I c a nigga w/ a reebok fitted in da vid lol. cleveland niggas laaaaame

  • tracyboo

    yaaaay 216 doin it

  • Manman

    Shoutout to the wildboyz

  • crazysexycool

    i luv him ♥

  • spongerob

    I mess with mgk though

  • Lance

    I swear hiphop is dead

  • Damecash

    He’s a quality rapper, but I dont think he will last long

  • Livenlove

    216 letz go

  • Miccheckmate

    Who is steve-o

    • Treysongz

      The stuntman from jackass

  • James

    Why is katt williams in this video

  • Derrick

    I heard he was on campus at UT. I didnt see him though

  • Jake

    Lace up yo

  • lilbfan

    ima wild boy ima ima wld boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #teambgsu

    Yaaaay MGK will be coming to my school on December third

  • suaverico

    everyone is all calm when waka hits the bottle over the dad’s head

  • 216boy

    was steve-o in the video

  • Monica

    Aaaaaayyeee Ima wild girl ima ima wild girl lol

  • Matt

    Lace the fuck up!!!!

  • simplejay

    MGK best rapper alive!!!!!

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