Marlon Wayans on ‘Scary Movie’ Franchise: ‘They Tried to Steal The Flavor’

Marlon Wayans has been in the film game for over two decades. The Wayans Brothers collectively have brought several classic projects to the world, including “Don’t Be a Menace,” “I’ma Get You Sucka” and the “Scary Movie” franchise.

Wayans made an appearance on Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” to slam the The Weinstein Company for stealing “Scary Movie.”

“Hollywood is not messing with me. It’s the same movie company,” Marlon said. “I can just imagine how hard it was for white people to let their slaves go. They just wanted them to feel so bad. They was like ‘I’ll show you.’ You can’t show me. I picked those crops. I made that cotton. I know how to do this. I don’t need you anymore. I got my 40 acres and my mule. That’s all I need. Now, I’ma do me.”

Marlon revealed he and his brothers had full creative control over the first two Scary Movies.

The film company, he said, took Scary Movie 3.

“You can be mad about it. But at a point, you not going to be able to stop what I do. All you’re going to do is start hating yourself. They took [Scary Movie] 3 from us. 3 was an idea that we pitch to them. They absolutely stole the idea and did a bad version. We have the script and everything- the good version. We were like alright, you can have that one.”

Marlon hinted that the film company is purposely releasing “Scary Movie 5” to compete with “A Haunted House.”

“Now, they think every time we come out with something, they can mimic it. This one you can’t mimic,” he said. “Scary Movie 5’s trailer is terrible compared to this. You got Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and Heather Locklear, it look like an episode of celebrity rehab. They tried to steal the flavor. They just making chicken. I got the recipe. We got a flavor. It’s something we’ve done because how we was raised, where we was raised, how we see the world. You can’t take my eyes from me.”

Watch Marlon Wayans’ Interview With The Breakfast Club

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  • hampton n da houze

    hollywood rather coon us out and make django movies smh

  • MsMeika


  • john

    Marlons rebellious ways gonna get himself in a Kat Williams/Martin Lawrence situation.These companies can hardly ever produce something of true value and importance;so they go the hack way out.Hacks don’t last forever; unless you can get the public to not be able to recognise HACK shit when they see still doesn’t matter whether Haunted House will be the funnier of the two(which it will be) .The weinstein company has the financial backing to run a media blitz;while Marlon just has talent.

  • john

    And django was a good movie(despite hollywoods original main attribute that they would love to continue very quietly HATING EVERYBODY EXCEPT THE ANGLO SAXON)

  • pbjelly

    The first 2 Scary Movies were funny. I loved part 2. The 3rd one I turned off and then lost interest in the series. Me and my husband watched Haunted House right before we watched Scary Movie 5 and laughed hard. Halfway through SM5 my husband said I don’t think the Wayans did this movie. Its not as funny as Haunted House. I googled to see if he was right and found this article. Just because a movie has celebrities in it doesn’t make it funny. HH was definitely better than SM5 in my opinion.

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  • Wayans#1Fan

    I love the Wayans! They are hilarious! I had to google to find out what was happening after watching Scary Movie 3. Something was missing. It wasn’t the same and I also noticed the Wayans brothers were not in it. I loved the large celebrity casting though. They also parodied much less movies in 3 than the other two around 3 or 4. I miss the Wayans and hope they put some stuff out soon.

  • Patience Sandoval

    Omg! For fuck sake are you serious? Why would anyone take away the funniest shit Ive ever seen? I grew up watching in living color! The wayans brothers are my absolute favorite! I have all four scary movies but my favorite where always made by the wayans brothers! The ones after scary movie 2 sucked ass! I was wondering what happened to those sexy black men full of the funniest shit id ever seen! Comedy needs them back! Come back please! All other parodies are lame compared to the wayans brothers funny moldings of comedy! I dont see it no more! We need to laugh hard like we use to! Miss you boys like no one else! Come back!

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