Meek Mill To Gangstas: ‘Jail & Death Ain’t Fun’

Meek Mill is upset with the rising gun violence in his hometown of Philadelphia. The north side native issued a profound message to gangstas after posting several news clips to IG pertaining to violent crimes in his city.

“Being gangsta is for the people that don’t wanna survive…..We been off that….Be A #KING…Jail and death ain’t fun #phillywegottagetitright get some money,” the caption on his post read.

Meek may boast his affiliation in the streets in music, but he is very active in giving back to his community as opposed to taking from it.

Meek Mill announced in April 2013 his plans to build a school in his north side neighborhood.

“School of dreams….. Ima build a school in my hood very soon!” he wrote on Twitter.

Meek Mill’s other philanthropic ventures include donating Christmas gifts to needy families during the Holiday season.

Meek Mill told a Fox 29 reporter he wanted to put a “smile” on children’s faces for the holidays.

“I’ve been around kids my whole life who never had nothing for Christmas,” he said.

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  • Red

    he talkin bout rondo lmao

    • Anonymous

      yea he sneak dissin frfr

      • SAVAGE


  • Toronto

    fuck rondo jojoworld. meek speaking da real. too bad he x gangster.

  • Anonymous


  • ImaKulate Swag

    Rondo smh

  • Word

    i be tellin niggas dat.mane am chasing money..these niggas chasin thots spendin all they money on trueys das stupid asf lols

  • Anonymous

    Niggas be like “lets get some money” Like nigga, how the fuck is selling this dope not earning money?


    rondo is a shoulda coulda woulda nigga lol

  • Cool guy

    Jail isn’t fun but death is killing ppl is cool

    • chefjay

      Stfu u ain’t funny

      • Cool guy

        I was stating my opinion. Please respect my opinion and fuck off.

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