Migos’ Offset Says Rappers Are Biting Their Style

Migos, an Atlanta-based rap group, steamrolled their way onto the rap scene with their viral hit song “Versace.” This single brought the “Hannah Montana” rappers fame, but it also brought a lot of copycats out of the woodwork.

Offset of Migos is not too pleased with other rappers stealing their trademarked style and took to Twitter to slam biters.


Migos’ rapper Takeoff previously directed a subtle shot at the copycats in “Versace,” rapping, “I set the trend, you n****s copy.”

Offset’s comments are a total 180 from a December 2013 interview with Hip Hop magazine The Source.

Offset regarded artists mimicking Migos’ style as a “blessing.”

“It’s really like a blessing to see another artist take what we created and use it for themselves,” he said. “We appreciate it. We don’t got no trouble with nobody or we don’t like that they doing that. We appreciate it cause the media know what’s going on.”

TakeOff added, “Obviously if somebody copying you, it let you know you doing something good.”

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  • Anonymous

    These niggas lame.

  • chefjayja

    These niccas are just sad aint nobody jacking ya shit if any thing you mfs be rapping bout modern day shit ya aint original at all

    • Deezy

      man u sound dumb. everybody in da industry sound like migos

  • Anonymous

    jeezy steal in they style n everybody in chicago starting to rap like them

  • chitownbd

    Migo’s Be Goin In On Them Tracks and i do hear alot of niggas biting they flow they just trend settas

  • Anonymous

    yea i believe em. everybody tryna sound like em

  • Anonymous

    Migos style sucks anyway so who cares

  • Gucci Mane killed Jackie CHAN with they style.

    • That’s Gucci style, he used it in 2012 in “Drink Mud” in the verse :/ That’s before Migos even was Migos

  • DerpAssNiggas

    It’s 180 you stupid mfs. 360 put you right back where you started so it’s the same.

  • BGF

    People stealing their corny ass flow smh

  • I’m a rapper with my own style and i hate it when people try to copy your flow.

  • Nap$$

    Man migos go hard af and they be spitting some real shitt just like every other trap rapper.They came up with they own style and these fuck niggas stealing it. Either way they getting money weather any nigga think they lame or not so get to the money to nigga.

  • Lauren

    Actually Migos aren’t the first to rap like that it originated in Memphis! Ijs

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