Montana of 300 Explains ‘300’ Dispute With Chief Keef, Says Lyricism and Metaphors Important For Chicago Hip Hop

Fans of the Chicago Hip Hop scene may recall a brief twitter dispute between Montana of 300 and Chief Keef in 2012. Many fans of Chiraq’s drill culture have come to associate the term “300” with Chief Keef’s Black Disciple set. Sosa took issue with Montana of 300 for incorporating the numerical value in his stage name.

Montana sat down with Drea O of Hockstar to shed light on the social media incident.

“I don’t know what the f-ck [Chief Keef] thought. DGainz was shooting both our videos,” Montana explained. “He tweeted DGainz and was like, ‘Who the f-ck is Montana from 300?’ and didn’t even at me for me to see it. …I heard from a fan… then I seen the tweet and DGainz said ask him. Chief Keef didn’t at me, but everybody at me. My fans is clashing with Chief Keef fans. Chief Keef fans like, ‘Chief Keef said you not 300. You fake and your fufu.’ My fans like, ‘Montana been 300 way before Chief Keef ass was rapping.’ A few people like why you and Chief Keef beefing. I’m like that’s not beef. …Fans was hopping on it instigating it. He never said nothing to me ever. To me it was no beef.”

Montana also discussed his thoughts on the Chicago music scene. Montana doesn’t think Chicago is the savior for the new Hip Hop scene.

“I love my city but no,” he said. “The term ‘Hip Hop Is Dead’ because a lot of people aren’t taking their time to perfect their craft. A lot of people think Chicago is dumbed down rap. Drill music isn’t supposed to be lyrical. It isn’t supposed to have metaphors. I like metaphors. It’s so important in Hip Hop. It shows the creative side of your uniqueness as far as making people that’s listening use their mind.

Montana says the terms “foreigns,” “opps,” “thots” and “getting top” only come to mind when one thinks of Chicago Hip Hop.

“You gotta bring more than that,” he said. “It’s another side to the corner. That’s not what all Chicago is about. I think I’m actually showing that.”

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  • Anonymous

    Living proof that you fans are like thots…. instigating shit way from another city I hope some you goofy that niggas die

  • Malaguita

    what set he claim?

    • you not on count

      I think GDN


        Bro he dont claim shit hes 300. No surrender no retreat , based 0ff the movie

  • Montana of 300!! So of course he’s a bd

    • Anonymous

      he not that 300.. 300 is gang shit his is just clique

  • Watch the video goofy just because his name is Montana of 300 doesn’t mean he’s a bd

  • drum squad

    Montana gets his 300 from the movie not a set
    Browdy go hard doe

  • Anonymous

    everybody say he not even from chicago

  • 207mal

    Bra a real nigga from Chicago he really make sense this nigga need to get rich he know what hip hop is and supposed to be

  • Chad

    y everybody from oblock beefin wit sosa?

    • 207mal

      He not from oblock dats why keef asked who he was ..back in 2012. That ain’t no beef if its not directed

    • 207mal

      Are you retarded did you even read this post ? Fuck Sosa he always start shit dumb ass

      • pay me

        lmao he a goofy but da nigga need to change his stage name real. montana of 300 wtf lol

        • 207mal

          No he don’t he been had dat name before keef was even rapping ..them niggas was not always calling themselves 300 do yo research

          • Anonymous

            dat nigga from da suburbs he a goofy. he not even from chiraq

  • Anonymous

    He a new breed you fuckn out of towners be happy now you got your info

  • Sco

    I heard this nigga from peoria that’s not even in the Chicagoland area.



  • Anonymous

    he asked who he was cuz he had 300 in his name but he not even in the gang… what kinda silly ass name is that anyway you know niggas gonna associate 300 with keef/durk/reese/etc so why even keep that shit in your stage name?

    • 207mal

      Do yo fucking research retard they just came up w the moniker 300 & 600 dumb ass who tf gone worry bout what a kid got to think anyway ? Montana a grown ass man ..he been rapping if he explains what his 300 mean you ain’t gotta associate him w anything dumb ass he his own man lol gtfoh

    • 207mal

      The gang is BD and OTF that 300 shit just some shit they made up stop it you gotta know what you talking bout that came before that 300 shit

      • Anonymous

        you fucking retarded or something?? lmao 300 not gang shit yet everybody in it are gang members? how many niggas claim montana’s 300? it aint even about keef when durk, reese, and fredo (three niggas that are much more known than montana) all claim that 300 shit too. yeah they came up with the moniker, but all four of them niggas made that 300 shit known nationwide. when niggas think of 300, they think of them niggas, not no fuckin montana lol, so when niggas see this dude name they gonna be thinking if he in that shit, which he aint…

        you a slow ass nigga foreal

        • 207mal

          Are you fucking retarded ? You obviously can’t read I said 300 ain’t been around forever dumb fuck. They went by a different name before dis music shit and that’s that 300 & 600 they wasnt always calling themselves 300 or 600 don’t matter how many people claim it dumb ass be ya own boss lil nigga you sound weak as hell

  • Anonymous

    Montana been rappin since 2008 he has always been know as montanaof300 so why tf would he Change his name cuz of Chief keef that’s goofy. Chief keef cool but tbh he has no real rap talent like montana. There is no beef niggas is goofy

    • 207mal


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  • daydo fuck 3oo GbE

    Montana of 300 is folk nation squad shit

  • Anonymous

    yall slick butt. go watch his versace he explain it at the beggining

  • He ain’t shit he say it himself “don’t bd don’t bdk me don’t gd me don’t gdk me” he ain’t shit

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