Nasty Que Dog Allows Setty To Wear Gold Boots During Sex

A controversial photo depicting a member of Omega Psi Phi has made its way onto social media.

The photo displays the Omega Psi Phi member having sex with an unidentified female. Even more shocking, the young woman is wearing the Que dog’s gold boots.

Omega Psi Phi member @YoungBloodz11 uploaded the photo to his Instagram account.

“Who are those Guys With the Gold Boots? Code Name: “Da Bruhs,” the caption on the photo read.

The gold boots are a symbol of pride to the men of Omega Psi Phi.

But hey, they say Que dawgs are known to be nasty.

What are your thoughts on the photo? Sound off below

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  • SGRho_Lady

    umm… okay??

  • Nelly Boop

    Ok, this is not cute. And y would he upload this to Instagram. I hope he wasnt tryna expose the poor gurl

    • OwOw

      the lil hoe exposed her self. she fucked a que. all down hill from there lol

  • AKA 1908


  • KAPsi_Til_I_Die

    You so-called Omega men kill me. You claim to have the best fraternal organization in the world, but in mainstream society you upload images and video doing stuff like this. Most of the “Que Dawgs” I know end up dropping out of school No self-respecting man should want to align themselves with likes of a Que

    • Omega_man_4-life

      You really can’t be serious!!!

  • RedT8il

    I think the photo is hilarious. The young lady shouldn’t have put herself out there like that OOP-ROO

  • OwtestMuthaFugga

    Roo 2 Da MuthaFuggin Bruhs!!!! @KAPsi Fuck you nigga. At least we in “images” fucking bitches. You are in images having gay marriages bitch

  • PerQueSet


  • Quita

  • RooDawg


  • PurpleNGold1911

    Bruh Jes Made Me Proud

  • De2ce Club Gamma Chapter


  • Lady of PinkNGreen

    I wonder if this is a screenshot from a porno.

  • Jazzy Jewelz

    Have Sex with a Que, Date a Sigma, Have a Kappa eat da box, but marry an Alpha 🙂

    • Marco Polo

      I guess the Alpha’s turn hookers into house wives huh…

      • Dovely Woman

        Whoaaaaaaaaa LMFAO!!!!

  • Candace

    I would say that is probably Lexington Steele, but the guy is brown so nvrmnd

  • Ke$ha Bad Azz

    Nice position..

  • PerQueLate

    HAHAHA ROO 2 Da Good Bruhs

  • BluePhi1914

    That’s nalia sex. Now how many yall never wore yall nalia during sex. I’ll wait lol

  • QueChainz

    She wearing Bruh’s bootz. SETTY!!!!!!!

  • Kelisha

    This is hilarious lol

  • FAMU Chica

    That poor girl..

  • The Real HU

    Wow Ques really???

  • Beyonce’s #1 Fan

    looked like he fucked da shit outta her. Like gave her that nasty ruggish thuggish long strong dick que sex. I’d been w/ a couple Ques so i knows hows dey gets down.

  • Mika

    @Beyonce’s #1 Fan IKTR!!!

  • PBS Man

    Well, what else can you expect from a Que? Of course not anything of professionalism and nobility right?

    • Omega_man_4-life

      Wrong, I’m an Omega and you can definitely expect those attributes from me and countless others in my fraternity.


    SHES A SETTY!!!!!

  • PinkNGreenPearls

    He got her knees 2 her forehead lmbo

  • Venicia

    Look like he was hitting it hard lol

  • Xena

    Dem nasty Ques Luv em!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He got her wearing his gold boots. EPIC!!!!

  • SGRho_Lady

    Ok from these comments it doesn’t seem like the Ques are upset about this…

    • Omega_man_4-life

      I’m a Que and I’m not happy about it at all!!!

  • Omega_man_4-life

    First of all, this photo was uploaded in poor taste. I would agree with that, but to generalize all men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. as dogs, perves, unintelligent, men of no integrity is totally ignorant. Sure, some of my brothers are wild and do inappropriate things, but name me a fraternity that doesn’t have members that do the same. I’m not going to be ignorant like some of you (KAPsi_Til_I-Die-you should be the last one making any generalizations) and state specific instances of your organization not holding up to what society considers “normal” (I believe you can reference Essence magazine about a controversial wedding).
    I’m so sick and tired of people generalizing all for the actions of a few. I’m educated, well respected in my job, church, and community and take offense to being berated by people judge all by the actions of a few. Yes, it was distasteful; yes, it was inappropriate to upload, but that is the action of that brother, not all of us.
    Just my two cents.

    • PhrostBite

      Sure you can defend your fraternity all you want. But what everyone is saying is the outward image your fraternity projects. It is not image of prestige. Your image is based off who is the toughest, can bark the loudest, drink the most “oil” and have sex with the most women. This pic doesn’t help, your frat’s image sad to say

      • Omega_man_4-life

        PhrostBite, are you serious? Are you Greek? Better yet, are you black? If you are black, then you must be lazy, poverty stricken, non-goal oriented, ex-prisoner, non-account, menace to society, rogue, killer that is depicted of us by mainstream American. If you aren’t any of those things, them I’m not the Omegaman that you stereotype in your ignorant rant. By the way, I see you spelled your name “Phrostbite” as in a member of the “Phrist Phamily”. Dude, if you are an Alpha, you should be the last person talking about stereotypes in the Greek world. Like I said, these people in the post are wrong to air their private lives in the blogosphere or any other form of social media, but you are equally wrong to say that since I’m a member of the fraternity, I condone that behavior and I would participate in said behavior. You are ignorant to believe that is the creed of all of the members of my fraternity.

        • Mr.EEOwOw

          OM4L, you make excellent comparisons but that’s exactly what this world is built upon and what we’re all subject to. It’s not “a few”, it’s the majority. It’s just like your race reference, people can only go by what they see. I respect Omega men (and I know the difference) as much as one man can respect another, people go by what they see and the Ques are doing a hell of a job showing the people watching what your organization is about. Since you’re such a respected member of your organization and your community, help get more Omega men in undergrad and deter from bringing in ignorance. Remember, majority rules. And if it was only a few we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  • raquel smith

    stupid hoe really got his funky dirty boots on during sex 0>O #greekgroupie

  • laquisha

    he is just dumb u are so dumb

  • gangsta grillz

    damn DAAWG!!

  • Nupe Swag

    Damn Ques smh

  • Nightmare


    You shouldn’t have posted this picture and shouldn’t of let her wear your boots!! A set owt, is not privileged to wear the bruhz boots! Other than that, I hope you strapped up! Be Owt Team!

  • homeboi the clown

    isn’t this the same nigga that snuck into the superbowl? he must want to go to jail.

  • jacki

    this looks like a screen shot from porno so my question is….where’s the video? 🙂

  • lil gman

    real shit, the alphas n kappas are mad cuz that’s probably their girl photo getting fucked lmao

  • juju bean

    he all n dat hoe guts lmao

  • fiona

    This is CRAAAAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nessa

    i mean it aint like the girl face being shown. she still a hoe doe

  • Pharaoh1906

    Whoa there Ques!

  • Made Omega Man

    So disrespectful to the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. I hope this brother deletes this photo from his IG

  • LaLa

    why he let her wear her boots o_O

  • Jeremy

    Aye i think i kno who ol girl is lol..

  • Debbie Cakes

    @Jeremy Who???

  • Reppin 4 Da Rhos

    Way to rep your Org. I kn yallz known 2 be nasty but this is jes too much

  • Nestle Chocolate

    I luv da Ques 🙂

  • MiMi

    looks like he is hurting her

  • Monique Ace C1ub


  • Omega Pearl

    Oooooh Lord!!!

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