NBA Youngboy Reacts To Ex-Girlfriend Arabian Getting His Face Tatted On Her Chest

NBA Youngboy didn’t co-sign his ex-girlfriend Arabian’s decision to tat his face on her chest.

Arabian posted footage of her new ink on social media. The ink features Youngboy’s face.


Youngboy wrote on Twitter, “I don’t have no girlfriend. I don’t know what’s going on. I ain’t been influencing b***h.”

Arabian took to her own Twitter account to save face, and also denied being Youngboy’s girlfriend:

“I’m nobody’s girlfriend. Stop the lies please. The tattoo is just a part of my story.

“Queen Slime. I’m no girlfriend. That’s not my place.

“I never said he told me to get that. Y’all came up with all of this, so stop saying I took an L because of yall false accusations and meanings behind his tweets.

“When 21 Savage said, “I gave you my all. You was my dawg. I would have went to war with the world on your all. Though you had my back. You let me fall. You healed my pain. Then you caused it…. I felt that.”

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