Official Lyrics To Rico Recklezz’s Hit Em Up (Remix)’ [Chiraq Rapper Diss]

Rico Recklezz detonated a nuclear bomb in Chicago yesterday after he opted to take aim at nearly every popular rapper in Chiraq on his remix to Tupac’s “Hit Em Up.”

The rappers Rico dissed include: Lil Reese, Montana Of 300, Lil Bibby, G Herbo, Chance The Rapper, Lil Durk, Spenzo, Chief Keef, Tay600, 600Breezy, Lil Mister, FBG, Famous Dex, Katie Got Bandz, King Louie, Lud Foe, SD, Tadoe, Boss Top, Prince Dre, Ayoo KD, Common and Kanye West.

Check out official lyrics to Rico’s fiery record below:

“First off Reesey (Lil Reese) a bitch, on Jojo it’s merched,
He must be the grim reaper ‘cause his music is dirt
Catch Montana (of 300) trying to pray put fire in him in Church
Ain’t never seen him in the field, he must be from up North
Catch Lil Bibby on Essex he get hit with the torch
All these fireworks you’ll think it was the 4th (of July)
I was married to the streets but now I want a divorce,
I got fans in the UK and I got some in New York,
Catch a rapper, smack his face just like that’s a new sport,
Chance The Rapper won’t have a chance, a couple shells for the dork,
I thought Herb (G Herbo) a Stone (Black P Stone) but he pink, pussy, he pork
Folks from Lakeside smacked his ass for dropping the Forks (GD Pitchfork handsign)
And I ain’t like Durk since he made ‘L’s Anthem’
He getting money now? Send a couple shells through his phantom.
Get some top from Nikki while I’m looking at her love-handles,
She say she heard my name ‘cause I’m the nigga Durk ran from
Smack her ass in the face then hold Lil Durk for Ransom
Knock Spenzo ass out and then record it on camera,
I know y’all like Sosa, but his ass ain’t gon’ fan none (shoot anything)
Pistol whip his ass then shoot up his mansion.
Free that nigga Rondo, Tay snitched on the guys,
Breezo sweet as ice-cream he work at Oberweis
Get some top from Gotti then i bust right on her thighs,
Lil Mister got robbed, then on Jojo he lied
FBG mad ‘cause Dex ain’t show em no love,
But they was all on his dick the other night at the club,
And his ass washed up he need to get in the tub,
Smelling’ like hair dye and cigarette butts, yeah
And what bands do Katie Got
That bitch weak as fuck, no ass-havin’ ass thot
And King Louie always talking this drill shit,
Know some niggas from the Dro say he ain’t kill shit,
Lud Foe & SD blocked me on Twitter,
So that should let you know that they some bitch ass niggas,
Sosa gassed Tadoe up thinkin’ he tough,
Hit his ass with that twist make his adrenaline rush,
Vic Mensa been a goofy on his top like a Toupee,
Bitch I’m way fresher than Rockie, you not a killer like Lupe
Boss Top up in the County with no soap or no toothpaste
Catch Prince Dre in the Wiiic shoot his ass right through them gates
And Ayoo KD used to pay for his views,
Catch his ass beating buckets in some fake ass Trues,
And he wifin’ Dorielle but if he only knew
She let folknem run her ass in the back of the school,
And this nigga Common always got su’m to say,
He better stay his ass on the West, just like Kanye
Niggas up in Paris*, aww that’s where y’all stay
Go buy a pair of Yeezys then get some top from Kim K
Shout out to big homies Bo Deal, Count and Bump J
Rico Recklezz king of Chiraq, I’m out here err’day
Recklezz Renegades bitch and you is not famil-ay
Hit his ass up, tell God he on the way.”

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  • Jay Free

    i aint never heard bout dude till today lmao, is he really getting clout for dissing all the popular chicago rappers. Seems like a joe budden type move to me.

    • Dan Golan

      more like 50 “how to rob” move

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