P. Rico, Lil Mister, Billionaire Black & Swagg Dinero Drop ‘Chi-Raq’ Remix

The latest “Chiraq” remix to hit the net was an FBG and Bricksquad-only invite. This special club included South Side Chicago MCs P. Rico, Lil Mister, Billionaire Black and Swagg Dinero.

Just the thought of these artists collaborating on a single track sounds pretty sick. The track proved to be just as intense as one may think it would be.

Each artist brought a unique flavor to the track.

Listen to this “Chi-Raq” drill mix below.

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  • Anonymous

    This shit weak even prince easy’s shit was better

  • Anonymous

    fuck outta here p.rico snapped

  • Anonymous

    Lil mister is whispering because his Big cousin Durk is in the next room

  • Anonymous

    p rico went the hardest frfr

  • Anonymous

    damn bullymob and flanders died lmaooo new movemnt finessing gang^ FG^

    • flashmob

      yea i read somewhere in the comments that bullymob founder was killed in beverly hills

  • cash money records

    rico n billionaire went off

  • Blackdisciplenation

    All dem niggaz was just weak af. Same ol punch lines n shit. Drezzy killed all them

    • 6hunna


  • Anonymous

    king samson had the best one

  • Stain Gang Smooth Robbery


  • Anonymous

    Rico killed it and he straight shiited on rondo bitch ass lmao

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget Cgay

  • Anonymous

    Daaaamnnn my nigga Swagg went ham on this mafucka!

  • Mr GDK Die Bricks

    This shit weak asl no bars niggas ain’t even out here swagg gon die like his brother jaja rest in piss fag ass niggas

  • Mr GDK Die Bricks

    This shit weak asl no bars niggas ain’t even out here swagg die like his brother jaja rest in piss fag ass niggas

    • SwaggDinero #JOJOWORLD

      mother fucker you dont know who the fuck i am, you are a fag who likes sticking it in guys asses and you best believe that you’d be the one getting crammed in your fuckin rear by my Ukranian Fort-500 shotgun before i blow your fucking guts out your chest you faggit little bitch your fucking pathetic you best hope i never head to your town, i’ll find yeah and shank you in your sleep, you wanna die motherfucker? faggit little cracker, hahaha I betyou aint ever even gotten and coochie, huh? ever got any pussy? i dont even keep count anymore, but it is definately past 35 cuz thats where i lost count bout a year or two ago, added a few since then, so ask yourseld, should your faggit no coochie gettin bitch ass maybe try to shut the fuck up, or do you want to hear more about how fuckin gay and lame you are? you cocksucking homo bastard go kill yourself you worthless chunk of shit, your useless and lame as fuck, and i cant wait to show your gay ass faggit no roastin abilities, you couldn’t talk shit even if you ate shit, go slit your wrists you aint cool at all give up on your gay ass life

  • LilJay_NextUp00

    This is ass. these niggas fufu for not having me on this

  • Ripdunkin1017

    Lol most of the bitches in these comments are niggas that are in no way affiliated with fbg/gbe/bricksquad/otf .. Just a bunch of internet warrior retards that love to dickride their favourite rappers and say fuck people they don’t even kno whole time I know 98 percent of you faggots wouldn’t say a goddamn word to ANY of these rappers…. Fuck I hate the internet sometimes. Stop pickin sides u fags if u ain’t from there don’t concern yourself all these niggas are doing their thing makin good music so shut your fucking cumcatchers and kill yourself internet thUgs

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