Rapper John Boy Calls Glory Boyz Entertainment & Bricksquad Feud A ‘Murder Beef’

Rapper John Boy doesn’t want any smoke. The “Real Shit” rapper decided to leave SODMG after Soulja Boy recruited Chicago artist Lil’ Mister to the label.

In a recent vlog post, John Boy touted his great relationship with Glory Boyz Entertainment. And in a text message that was leaked, it was revealed John Boy attempted to jump ship to GBE.

John Boy wrote, “I left Sodmg bro I’m not label mates wit no fuckin opps. I really fuck wit you niggas I ain’t on that shit. Let ya squad know. #Salute”

John Boy wasn’t too pleased with Soulja Boy’s newest addition to the SODMG family given Lil’ Mister’s affiliation to a rival gang of GBE.

“Yesterday, Soulja Boy signed a nigga that GBE got murder beef with,” John Boy said. “I don’t know his name. I don’t really care. Some nigga that’s fucking with Lil’ JoJo. I don’t got nothing to do with all that. But at the end of the day, I’m not gonna look like I’m playing both sides.”

GBE members are suspected of having a hand in the murder of Lil JoJo.

John Boy revealed Lil’ Mister was only signed out of spite for GBE.

“You only signing these niggas cuz you know they don’t fuck with GBe and you using them to be your foot soldiers,” he said.

Soulja Boy’s disdain for GBE erupted after BallOut stole his Jesus Piece chain.

“I fuck with GBE niggas. Them and Soulja got problems, but at the end of the day you gotta realize that shit was between BallOut and Soulja Boy. BallOut took Soulja chain. Whatever the case may be. That’s they business. When it’s time for Soulja to get his shit back, Soulja Boy wanna get everybody that don’t fuck with GBE to kind of fight his battle.”

John Boy explained Soulja Boy had an opportunity to ask for his chain back, but acted cowardly.

“Yall was in the studio,” he said. “You face to face with BallOut. You wanted you chain back, get your chain back. Don’t ask for other niggas to help you fight. He face to face with you. He told you whatever the case may be, bruh. That’s what its gotta be.”

Watch John Boy’s vlog below

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