Rapper The Game Expresses Sympathy for Lil JoJo and Chicago

the game

Rapper The Game took to Twitter and Instagram to express sympathy for the Chiacago’s climbing murder rate and the death of 16-year-old Chicago rapper Lil’ JoJo. Lil JoJo, born Joseph Coleman, was murdered in a hail of gunfire Tuesday night hours following a dispute with a member of Keef’s camp. Coleman allegedly had an ongoing dispute with Chief Keef’s entourage and members of the Black Disciple street gang.

The Game tweeted a message he posted on his Instagram regarding the tragic shooting. The Compton rapper, who is no stranger to rap beefs himself, revealed he spoke with Lil JoJo about slowing down his lifestyle. The rapper wrote:

“R.I.P. to the lil homie Joseph “Lil Jo Jo” Coleman @osoarrogantjojo gunned down in Chicago yesterday !!! I would joke wit em when he hit me on DM bout how hard he was goin in the streets & told em’ to slow down .. & he replied: “I’m on be aite Joe”. Now… Murdered at the age of 16 over a youtube beef.. Krazy. Life is short out here mayne…. We are all reminded by this everyday. Chicago….. We with you, & all prayers go out to Jo Jo’s family. Gone dedicate my new album to lil jo jo #JesusPiece !!! & all you youngsters out there livin that life… #ThinkBeforeYouShoot”

Lil JoJo met his untimely death in a city where there are over 300 homicide victims in the year 2012 alone. Rapper The Game became one of the few artists who have spoken out on the senseless violence gripping the Windy City.

Lupe Fiasco appeared on MTV’s RapFix Live and became emotional after host Sway Calloway showed 6-year-old footage of the Chicago rapper in an episode of “My Block.”

Following the conclusion of the footage, a choked-up Lupe Fiasco was lost for words. After some time to collect himself, Fiasco told Sway that “some of the dudes” in the video were “dead.”

“Chicago the murder capital,” the rapper said. “The dudes in that video in a prison, a couple fed cases, then there’s ghosts.”

There’s people that ain’t there, he added.

The Huffington Post wrote an article with a disturbing title stating Chicago’s homicide rate is worse than Kabul, Afghanistan. Many local Chicago residents now refer to their city as “Chiraq.”

Where is the media and hip-hop community’s support for Chicago?

As Lupe said, “It’s not just Chicago.”

The rapper, born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, said the black homicide and incarceration rate is an issue “everywhere.”

“I see it in New Orleans,” he said.

African Americans are being incarcerated and murdered at alarming rates in urban communities around the country.

Though Lupe was able to make it out of his old Madison Terrace neighborhood on Chicago’s gritty West Side, he revealed many of the youth from his community would suffer a sad fate.

Some of those kids, he said, are not going to make it out of there.

Rap songs are heavily embedded with destructive lyrics. With many popular rap songs mentioning murder and crime, it is hard to defend the art form that once told stories of the ghetto plight rather than glorify it.

The hip- hop community has been known to band together when tragedy and important issues arise. During Hurricane Katrina nearly seven years, many in the hip-hop community mobilized to offer aid to those affected the storm. The world saw an outpour of support from the community after the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, with rappers Rick Ross and Plies being the most vocal.

But when will this community band together to stop enforcing and glorifying black-on-black crime? Genocide is underway in many urban black communities across the country and many family members are left planning funerals for loved ones.

If the hip-hop community doesn’t step in to put an end to black-on-black homicide, the black community’s fallen will be nothing more than “ghosts.”

As Lupe said, “It hurts to speak to ghosts.”

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41 Responses to Rapper The Game Expresses Sympathy for Lil JoJo and Chicago

  1. cutie pi3 says:

    this is so sad. thank you for posting

  2. william says:

    the game is a joke. he is partly to blame for this sh*t. the jo jo kid obviously wanted to impress and carried on with this gangsta persona and now he wants to dedicate an album. game u are a joke

    • Laquan says:

      You are very right with your assessment. Game was in the media not too long ago for beating up 40 glocc which was clearly staged, but the point is that these young kids think this stuff is real and they take it to the streets with them. Sadly, this young man was murdered for his antics but its false images of the rap game the media portrays. rip jojo

      • Rocky says:

        hell yea! kids look up to these imbeciles and try to imitate their lifestyles when it is so fake and hollywood. the game is over 35 acting like a damn child. you can’t do that sh*t in the real streets. there are consequences for your actions

    • roo says:

      it may be true to an extent, but you can’t blame a man many away for a stupid decision a kid made in Chicago. Lil Jojo simply needed guidance for didn’t know the consequences of his actions

  3. The PHroz3n says:

    nothing short of an american tragedy

  4. lp gettin it says:

    them chicago n*ggas don’t play around

  5. naomi says:

    the game obviously didn’t do much to mentor this kid away from a life of thuggery. now when its all said and done with this kid’s life he just tweets a short message and wants to dedicate an album to him for his own financial gain. so sickening. we have to do better peopl

  6. jackie l. says:

    this is so sad :’(

  7. dae dae says:

    he would have been signed sooner or later. too bad we will never know.

  8. Saavy Folk says:

    Game a real n*gga 4 dat

  9. Anonymous says:

    Damn i aint kno lil jojo was coo w/ game. n*gga coulda got a deal from him

  10. Pud says:

    Make a donation to Joseph Coleman ( Lil Jojo ) Funeral Expense Donation on WePay! wepay.com/donations/jose… via @WePay (RETWEET PLS)

  11. Will Stafford says:

    The Game is a idiot. His image and lifestyle has gotten man children killed not just jojo.

  12. L dog says:

    the game trying to make money off of lil jojo’s name for his next album. that n*gga a b***h. he could have got lil homie out of the hood a long time ago.

  13. zach says:

    the game looks a idiot with that stupid la tat on his face

  14. Me got guap says:

    shout out to the home game. much respect from this way

  15. tyler is my creator says:

    i find it weird that 50 cent wants to do music with chief keef but game also had a relationship with lil jojo

  16. asu student says:

    this is very sad and i hope that one day we all can have discussion on the atrocities going on in our neighborhoods. I am from an inner-city community and the mindset people have is very real. its not like a battle field every day but our people do glorify the wrong things

  17. yaboyincollege says:

    jojo was cool with the game. he would have been signed sooner or later. really sad though

  18. Brittany says:

    I feel sorry for all the violence that’s going on in Chicago :-(

  19. Mariah says:

    The Game promotes gang activity, so what is he sorry for? If he is really sorry he would denounce the Bloods gang and change the content in his music. Until he does that, I’m not buying this

  20. Symone says:

    i feel bad for Lupe and the friends he lost to the streets in Chicago. I know where he is coming from. I lost a cousin to gang violence. i wish everyone can ask themselves what we are really fighting for

  21. Asia says:

    RIP JoJo my young brother

  22. Tiffany says:

    I remember when Game had a butterfly tatoo lolz

  23. Brandi says:

    I applaud The Game for being brave enough to speak out against the violence that is plaguing our communities. I salute you my brother

  24. Tyra says:

    Idk I think The Game is tryna stay relevant.

  25. Clint says:

    Sh*t f***ed up what’s goign n da Chi

  26. Tiara says:

    This story is so sad. They litterally executed that little boy :’-(

  27. play 4 quarters says:

    the game should have talked some sense into jojo. its obvious jojo was trying to impress the game. this is a sad situation. death should not have been that kid’s sentence. yes he ran his mouth but that minimal compared to the end result

  28. Mike Illin says:

    big ups to the homie game for mentioning this. this is truly sad.

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