Real or Fake: Alpha Kappa Alpha Member Poses With MIAKAs?

A photo showing a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha posing with MIAKAs is making its rounds in the Internet realm. In the photo, two men wearing Alpha Kappa Alpha jackets “throw up their pinkies” with an actual AKA member.

Men in Interested in Alpha Kappa Alpha have been in the news as of late for allegedly threatening to file a lawsuit against Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. for gender discrimination. Members of the auxiliary group feel they should be allowed entrance into the sorority, the first founded for African American women on the campus of Howard University on Jan. 15, 1908.

There is strong debate as to how the group was actually formed. There are some who allege a few AKA members of the sorority pledged these men, while revealing sorority secrets. Others allege MIAKA is merely rogue organization attempting to take claim to history and legacy of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

News of MIAKAs first surfaced a couple years ago when men founded an unofficial chapter of AKA at Texas Southern University and Prairie view A&M.

The Tri Alpha Chapter of MIAKI caused an uproar in the black Greek community after showcasing photos of men adorned in pink and green with pearls, while throwing up their “pinkies.”

We’re not able to validate the authenticity of the photo, but it does have us perplexed. Do you guys think the supposed snapshot display of unity between AKAs and MIAKAs? Sound off below.

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Watch miAKAs Stroll

LGBT Member of Zeta Phi Beta Defends MIAKAs Pt. 1

LGBT Member of Zeta Phi Beta Defends MIAKAs Pt. 2

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15 Responses to Real or Fake: Alpha Kappa Alpha Member Poses With MIAKAs?

  1. shayla says:

    Im sorry #ICant 2day…

  2. Tae says:

    Wait a minute what!?!?! This cannot be serious. Why!?!?

  3. Jones1914 says:

    Damn this is getting outta hand forreal!!

  4. Ben Washington says:

    This is pure foolishness!!!

  5. Kappa Swag says:

    I guess the MIAKAs musta won their lawsuit…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful This pic makes me so happy :-)

  7. Sarah says:

    If the picture is real, then I am all for it. Unity at its finest. AKA should not be inclusive to only women. Seeing this pic just proves that men and women can both co-exist in orgs.

  8. Alpha Swag says:

    This isn’t unity. It’s a disgrace. So what I’m supposed to hug a male member of AKA and call him soror?? FOH!!!

  9. Erica says:

    omg this can’t real

  10. mike killa says:

    looks like a zeta and some miakas posing like an aka.

  11. Kayla says:

    she is not an AKA. more like an imposter or poser

  12. Aaayden says:

    Two sick aggots and one dumb itch.

  13. smh says:

    all three are wannabes!

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