Road Runna x King Louie Drop “That’s Right” Music Video

Chicago artists Road Runna and King Louie just dropped some fire for the streets with their “That’s Right” music video. In this Patbanahan directed visual, Road Runna kicks off the song with a unique flow rapping “B*tch when I text, you better not ignore me/I don’t trust no one, I’m clutching my 40/5 in my pocket like I’m Robert Horry/6 in my pocket rocket, I’m extortin/I’m f*ckin that b*tch and I’m paying that mortgage like f*ck it../I don’t need your jewelry, I’m still shinin/When I was broke, I was robbin the Red Line/You went there missing, runnin on their time/How you still trappin, but you’re afraid of that Fed time. MUBU’s highness King Louie arrives on the third verse of this banger rapping, “I do not gossip/fill his ass up with that hot shit, 2 hoes with me to menage with/Drippy no faucet, you had a job and you lost…you know I stay on B.O.S. shit.”

Watch Road Runna and King Louie’s “That’s Right” music video below:

BIO: Road Runna is a 21-year-old Arab rapper who grew up in Calumet City, IL. The skilled rapper has been expanding his musical craft in Chicago, Illinois, Gary, Indiana & Orlando, Florida. Tired of the streets, the young artist paved a way for himself to survive. His goal is to tell his story by making authentic music. It only takes one bit inspiration to make him happy.

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