Rocaine (Glo Gang) Reveals He May Lose Finger After Shooting

Rocaine is currently in the hospital after he was shot following a fight Saturday night. Rocaine revealed during a chat with Tadoe and BallOut that doctors might amputate his finger.

“…They talking about they gon probably cut my finger off,” Ro told his fellow Glo Gang affiliates.

Chief Keef learned of Rocaine’s situation and was visibly upset.

“Rocaine ass is slow on King Dave,” Sosa said. “What the f**k.”

Rocaine had a pretty eventful Saturday. He was involved in two fights with rap rivals prior to his shooting.

The Glo Gang rapper took to Periscope to show off his injuries while lying in a hospital bed.

“Them n****s ain’t have to pull out them 223s,” he said. “…Them n****s don’t know how to put down them guns.”

Rocaine said the bullets broke a bone in his arm.

“They broke my arm,” he said. “The 223 rip through the arm.”

He added, “They tried to kill me, but they didn’t.”

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  • OneMan

    Yall niggas need to get off inbox with your bullshit… Tupac got shot up at a recording studio and robbed…this nigguh had to be privately escorted out the hospital requested by his attorney’s and now that we have all this social media bullshit niggas wanna take photos and smile like getting shot is something cool..when you mofo have kids your child being shot aint fun and games when you got blood all over you and their is a chance he may not live…20 year a mother sat and patently raised a child only for him to be buried before his time wake the fuck up and stop following these rappers who will risk is all for fame and fortune.
    Go to school and be somebody…cause that record deal money is dirty money and it aint all fun and games just ask bobby smhurda or suge knight….oh yeah you can’t because they’re all locked up for being a menace to society.

  • M.

    Keef don’t seem like the loyal type

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