RondoNumbaNine Sentenced To 39 Years In Prison For 2014 Murder

RondoNumbaNine, whose real name is Clint Massey, was sentenced to 39 years in prison on Tuesday for the 2014 murder of cab driver Javan Boyd.

Cdai, born Courtney Ealy, was sentenced to 38 years in prison on Monday, May 9 for the crime.

Rondo, 19, and Cdai, 21, were found guilty of the Feb. 22, 2014 slaying in March.

Prosecutors allege Cdai and Rondo were part of a three-car entourage riding through enemy territory looking for revenge due to an earlier altercation with an unnamed party, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Rondo and Cdai allegedly sighted Boyd sitting in his vehicle and pulled their vehicle alongside his.

The two allegedly went to Boyd’s passenger door and asked if he was from the neighborhood. When Boyd replied he was from the neighborhood, Rondo and Cdai opened the passenger door and opened fire, according to the Tribune.

Boyd was reportedly shot seven times in all, including, twice in the back and three times in the leg, according to the Sun Times.

Rondo and Cdai allegedly rushed back to their vehicle and all three vehicles fled the scene.

Cdai is reported to have dropped his cellphone at the scene before he and Rondo returned to their car and the group drove away, prosecutors told DNAinfo. Chicago Housing Authority surveillance cameras reportedly caught the shooting on video. Police also recovered Cdai’s fingerprint on the window of the car.

Cdai and Rondo have been in jail for over two years awaiting trial. The two rappers’ trial has consistently been delayed because the prosecution had a hard time gathering their witnesses.

Prosecutors say this is often an issue in cases that involved “gang slayings.”

Rondo’s attorney, David Hill, told the Chicago Tribune in a phone interview last week his client has been demanding trial for more than four months.

In March, 600Breezy took to Twitter to reveal the two talented emcees were facing a 45 year-to-life sentence.

“45 to life tho,” he wrote.

On IG, Breezo wrote, “I don’t even kno what to say bro….. I love y’all for life. Real 600’s real n***a for life.”

On Twitter, he added, “9 couldn’t even look me in my face cdai just dropped his head and walked out I’m sick to my stomach.”

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  • marque93

    Damn this Nigga life done wit

  • TruthTalk

    How else you thought it was gonna end? They did some dumb shit thought they wouldn’t get caught. Had they not gotten caught they would have been on the internet bragging about it.


    Look & Learn youngins… Ya really think Hoover & David weren’t on to something with the moves they made after they saw a lifetime of banging?
    Band together and make money. Keep under the radar and do things clean and eventually legit. Maybe it’s the Fkn pills and the trash music but you youngins thick. War is bad for everyone and destroys generations. Quit with killing over lil sht that turns in to big sht. Read the Fkn lit already and make it and your nation mean something besides a bunch of drug addicts shootin up your own blocks killing lil kids…


  • YM061

    haha you sad about some niggas you don’t know about to do a 40 piece? HOW will this effect your life? You niggas are lost. Follow Jesus

  • CinCityKid

    Niggas retarded, no mask, no gloves n dropped ya phone at the scene! I’m surprised the judge ain’t literally throw the book at them like “get yo stupid ass outta my face!”

  • TreceVida

    Theirs a lesson to be learn here make sure you have at least a #MASK, Never drop your phone or anything in the that matter nd lastly if your gon go GangBang or Sell Drugs you better be ready for the consequences folks

    He dum just like bobby shmurdaa had a great opportunity to live Life but you go nd decide to fuck it all up by going on a ride

    • CryMore

      ooorrrr….maybe the lesson is don’t go around killing people?

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