Scandal Hits Cypress Bay High School For Nude Photo Leak

Cypress Bay High School is under national spotlight after a website purportedly showed nude photos of female students. Additionally, the scandal also puts a spotlight on the dangers of “sexting.”

News of the nude underage teens picked up steam after morning show DJs at Power 96 revealed news of the website to listeners.

The female students were identified by name on the website. Some of the photos show students engaged in sex acts.

Authorities are considering pressing charges on those responsible.

Watch story below

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  • samantha

    typical stupid high school behavior

  • matthew

    that girl is pretty hot

  • brad

    ooh la la lol

  • Harry Flopper

    Yeah I know a few of the girls. Real sluts I tell you

  • Barbie Girl

    It’s real pathetic how schools and parents are allowing these young kids to run wild. Where have the morals and values gone?. In my day teenage women wouldn’t do such a thing. Boy have to.wa changed!

  • Tool Man

    Take away cell phones. Simple. I didn’t have a cell phone and I turned out fine. Teens act like the world will end without their devices.

  • Tomb Raider

    I saw the photos… meh

  • Ethan Bad Ass

    I hope they find the jerk who did it. One of the girls is my Friends kid sisrer

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