Scarface Says Hip Hop Is Being Controlled and Manipulated By White Jewish Record Labels

Hip Hop living legend Scarface gave a thought-provoking interview to Hard Knock TV when critiquing today’s Hip Hop industry.

When asked which artists he likes currently, Scarface replied, “I love Kendrick Lamar.”

The Houston native then sighed, scratched his head and said, “What else you want me to say.”

Scarface said he feels like black culture is “losing” Hip Hop.

Scarface said there is a conspiracy against the blacks.

He then pinned the blame on white and Jewish record label owners.

“I feel like the people that’s in control of what Hip Hop does is so fucking white and so fucking Jewish until they don’t give a fuck about what the culture and craft really is about,” he said.

The “My Block” rapper said the present industry is brainwashing African-Americans to look “stupid” and “dumb.”

Watch Scarface’s Hard Knock TV interview below

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  • tbone steak


  • korey

    20 years from now. hip hop will be white like they stole rock n roll

  • pound of dope

    hahahaha my nigga scarface went in. and yea FUCK dese gay azz labels

  • Blues,R & B,Soul, Jazz…now Hip Hop…but don’t feel bad…they doing it to the movie industry and even the housing industry and Banks!

  • onemalehuman

    It’s no wonder these eh huh huh huh people when these people can agree. cause this nigger can’t remember shit. He isn’t sure whether the stove is stove on so he’ll touch it

  • joeyo

    so what else is new scarfase?

  • T.crew

    @onemalehuman why visit something like this, this is not your culture so we don’t need your comments.

  • im a white suburban dude who respects the hip hop culture. i paid homage to the ones in my region (mid west) who embraced the generations that were before em doing hip hop. i would travel to these poverty stricken areas just to get a sense of it. (Southside Chicago, Gary, & Westside Chi) Those same people told me that you wont find hip hop in the street anymore.

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