Sen. Mark Kirk Wants To ‘Crush The Gangster Disciples’

Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk (R) drew the ire of U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush after announcing his desire to jail thousands of African American gang members in May.

Kirk’s controversial measure included a request of $30 million from the Senate Appropriations Committee to arrest 18,000 members of the Chicago Gangsters Disciples, a gang founded in the Windy City by Larry Hoover in the 1960s.

Rush invited Kirk on a tour of Englewood, one of the Chi’s most impoverished neighborhoods. Rush wanted Kirk to get a first-hand look at the socioeconomic conditions plaguing its residents.

Despite viewing the area’s conditions as “pretty shocking” and depressing, Kirk’s view of the city’s gang problem didn’t change.

“I would like to crush the Gangster Disciples as an organization,” he said, according to The Chicago Sun Times. “I think the federal government should have the capability to do that.”

Rush is calling for more empathy and attention directed towards residents.

“We need money. We need jobs. We need jobs. We need jobs,” he said.

Rush slammed Kirk’s gang proposal in May, calling it an “upper-middle-class, elitist white boy solution to a problem he knows nothing about,” according statements given to Chicago Sun-Times.

Rush proposed Kirk’s plan should include strategies on how to employ and educate the young men residing in the poverty-stricken urban areas of Chicago.

“Kirk’s current plan does not include the option to create jobs, provide affordable and safe housing, quality health care and improve schools in urban areas, BUT certainly a plan to incarcerate 18,000 black men is elitist,” he wrote in an e-mailed statement to the Sun-Times. “Why is incarceration the sole option instead of rehabilitation which is proven to work and not locking young men up?”

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  • Jim

    Now here is a productive member of society who has a moral compass. I hope he crushes all those murderers.

    • Damon

      and I hope he starts with you

      • Jim

        you’re part of the problem with that sick mindset…

        • Damon

          how so? Mark Kirk wanting to “crush” the gangster disciples organization is only a decoy from his actual plans.

  • Mike Smith

    the disciples are more so fragmented in today’s generation. he has a huge disconnect from the gang culture

  • Brianna

    lol good luck with that

  • Tj

    Bobby Rush’s comment upper-middle-class, elitist white boy solution to a problem he knows nothing about is on point. Kirk is from Lake County, some of the most richest areas in northern IL. WBEZ just did an article headlined “Sen. Kirk meets residents on tour of Englewood to understand violence” If you dont “understand” it in the first place, then you offer the wront solutions. Arresting everyone wont work and when the “criminals” get released, they’ve been trained to be even better criminals out of jail. DUMMY

    • robbie


  • Scott Hamilton

    Someone please tell kirk that if he sincerely wants to eradicate the gang culture then he must place strong emphasis on education and jobs

  • katt

    So he went to the his for the first time in his life and thinks he knows how to solve the problem

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