Slain Chicago Rapper Lil JoJo’s Brother Speaks Out

John Coleman, Lil’ JoJo’s half brother, is speaking out to defend the slain 16-year-old Chicago emcee.

Englewood resident Lil JoJo, born Joseph Coleman, was murdered in a hail of gunfire Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 7:30 p.m. just a few blocks from where he stayed. Coleman allegedly had an ongoing dispute with Chief Keef’s entourage and members of the Black Disciple street gang.

Coleman was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting as he was riding on the back pegs of a friend’s bike. Witnesses described the vehicle as a tan, older model, four-door Ford Taurus that was riding low in the back, according to the Sun Times. Coleman died minutes after being shot.

Lil’ JoJo allegedly had a hit out on him due to his highly publicized beef with members of the Black Disciples street gang, namely rappers Lil’ Durk and Lil’ Reese. The rapper posted a video “3HunnaK” to Youtube attacking the Glory Boyz Entertainment affiliates.

“These ni**as claim 300, but we BDK,” he rapped.

BDK is short for Black Disciples Killers and “300” is the gang numeric code for the Black Disciples gang.

Lil’ JoJo, Coleman said, wrote “3HunnaK” to expose studio gangsters whom he felt were frauds, according to the Sun Times.

John Coleman said the rap was made against opposing rappers and not the street gang. Lil’ JoJo actually knew and went to high school with newly signed Def Jam Recording artists Lil’ Durk and Lil’ Reese. The fallen may not have thought rap beef would escalate the way it did.

“That BDK sh*t was for the opposing rap team,” John Coleman said, according to the Chicago Sun Times. “The song was a Lil Durk diss. It was more music . . . killing them with rhymes.”

Coleman said he was with Lil’ JoJo before he was murdered. The two appeared in a Youtube video taunting Chief Keef’s associate Lil’ Reese. This event occurred just hours before Coleman was murdered. The video may serve as evidence for authorities in pinpointing Coleman’s murderer.

“I’ma kill you! I’ma kill you!” Lil’ Reese can be heard on the footage saying.

John Coleman is two months older than Lil’ JoJo. The have the different mothers, but the same father. Coleman grew up in the suburbs whereas his younger brother grew up in the gritty Englewood neighborhood on the city’s South Side.

“We got the same dad, but he got locked up when I was 8 months,” Coleman told the Sun Times. “Me and JoJo called each other twins from the start, and my mom always picked him up on weekends so we could be together. I was definitely lucky to move to the suburbs.”

Coleman revealed he is receiving death threats on social networks, but is not worried for his safety, according to the Sun Times.

God’s gonna let it play out how it’s gonna go,” he told the Sun Times. “I’m not changing my life for that sh*t.”

Coleman remains distraught over the death of his brother whom he referred to as his “twin.”

“I’m f**ked up, man,” he said. “That was my blood.”

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  • capo

    isn’t cashout his brother?

  • william

    lil reese is pobably shaking in his boots. i don’t think he knew he was being recorded.

  • miana

    awwww my prayers go out to him and his family

  • dede

    so sad

  • sobad

    aww **tear** :'(

  • onmylevel

    this is really sad. the inner city violence must stop

  • Alpines

    believe me, this is really sad and I truly feel for his family but look at the lifestyle the kid glorified. He is in a video with guns threatening to kill another gang. He put himself in that position. The street mentality is kill or be killed. Don’t get me wrong, no one deserves death in that way. This all could have been prevented. My heart goes out to jojo’s family and I hope that an open discussion can begin on this topic

  • Tameka L.

    He didn’t have to do die that way. Where is the community at. How come no one is coming together for good. If this were white on black crime then everyone would be in an uproar. When Trayvon was murdered, the media was set ablaze. Whenever there is a black on black homicide, it is pretty much swept under the rug. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson remain quiet. We have to talk about about because there are way too many young brothers and sisters dying over nothing.

  • Patrice

    my prayers go out to his family ripliljojo

  • donald

    he was digging his grave when he made that music video

    • no he was having fun trying to make it m’f so get the fuck off here with all that bullshit

    • elijah echols

      you shut the fuck up you iggnorant ass bitch you diggin yo grave bitch so stop postin coments before you lay in it

      • ..


  • fuck chief keef love jojo r.i.p let,s get it

  • fuck lil reese 2 come 2 va with that 300 huh shit u going get wack we ride for jojo

  • we miss you lil jojo and for all his hater you still can kiss his ass but you know what he still standing strong looking down on us.. for one thing I know he was a good person just trying to make it in the real world.
    rest in peace we love you
    lil jojo all day
    I am getting his tattoo in a couple of days so yea jojo all day

  • elijah echols

    fuck all yall writing cooments yall sayin thts sad and bdk yall niggas aint bout that life i fell this nigga but first of all ithought he always kept the steel and swagg and them aint never didi shit about it they never retaleited so they fake but rip jojo

    • i love lil jojo so much and allways will im lil hitter and im bdk never catch ues lackin boy we keep the heat fuck the oppes we bdk all day r.i.p jojo we out here for u ight bdk no lackin for them.

    • Anonymous

      shutup mexican

  • asapbrooklyn

    u claim 3hunna add a k u fuck nigga dones pussy ass niggas bith im 3hunna

    • Anonymous

      shutup u aint even from chicago……

  • ..


    R.I.P. JOJO

  • Fuck JoJo We Ride Wid 300 n Florida Fuck All Dat BDK n 300k Shit . Its 600 n 300. RIP LA Capone . Free The Guys


    Bitch Fuck Chief Keef, Fuck LA Capone, Fuck Yo Feelings , & Fuck You. Yo Mama Should’ve Swallowed Bitch. You Not From Chicago Stay Yo Real Life Goofy Ass In Florida Bitch Fuck Off Chief Dick Hoe Ass Nigga.

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