Soulja Boy Signs Chicago Bricksquad Rapper Lil’ Mister

It is official.

South Side Chicago emcee Lil’ Mister has officially signed to Soulja Boy’s SODMG camp.

Soulja Boy took to Twitter to announce the signing.

“My new artist @6775montana about to turn up #sodmg,” he wrote.

Lil’ Mister confirmed news of the signing after tweeting his affiliation with the label.

“@souljaboy #$quadddddd #teamNoLackinSodmg

“If yo play wit wugaworld $odmg dey might take off yo head #montana @souljaboy #6775,” he wrote.

The “No Lackin” rapper later retweeted Soulja Boy’s “#sodmg” post.

But not everyone was pleased with the news.

Glory Boyz Entertainment rapper Lil’ Reese took to Twitter to slam news of the signing, even going far as threatening to harm Soulja Boy and Lil’ Mister.

“@souljaboy @6775montana fuck Sodmg we gone get up wit u no twitter

“@Iloveswp53: @LilReese300: Heard u runnin wit the enemies yu Trippin homie…#300

“@imMaxJulian_ATS: @LilReese300: Niggas be flexin rapper dats Dat shit I don’t like…#300,” he wrote.

The tweets have since been deleted.

Rumors starting swirling in April that Lil’Mister had inked a deal with Soulja Boy’s imprint after the SODMG front man took to twitter to announce his search for a new artist to sign to his Stacks On Deck Entertainment label.

“Puttin a lot of money behind this #sodmg 2013 movement about to turn up for the summer signing new artist,” said SouljaBoy.

Souljaboy also stated that he was going to invest 2 million dollars into his new artists.

“Just for 2million to sign new artists to SODmg records for 2013. Gotta use this budget right find new talent and takeover with a loyal crew,” said Souljaboy

Souljaboy asked his Twitter followers who the hottest unsigned artist was.

“Who’s the hottest unsigned artist that deserves a deal with the new 2013 Sodmg roster. We just got two million to go find talent,” said Souljaboy

Souljaboy also retweeted the “No Lackin” artist.

“@souljaboy check yo dm bro,” said Lil Mister

Lil’ Mister, who occasionally raps under the moniker Montana, reportedly had an interview with the “Speakers Going Hammer” rapper in April.

“Rtrt got a interview in 20min #Squad #Sodmg #TeamNoLackin #Only4TheReal

“JUST GOT Off THE phone with bro @souljaboy,” he wrote.

The phone call apparently well. Soulja Boy took to Twitter to tweet Lil’ Mister’s “Take Off” official music video featuring Diesel.

Rumors went into overdrive after Soulja Boy sent a tweet suggesting the deal was finalized.

“@6775montana sod,” said SouljaBoy

The rest is history.

Watch Lil Mister & P. Rico’s “No Lackin” music video.

Watch Lil Mister & Lil JoJo “Episode” music video.

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  • pete rox

    hot damn!

  • Timothy

    that’s dope!

  • hank hill

    bricksquad niggaz making moves man. jojo lookin down on all of them

  • yolo


  • kwame

    i don’t believe it. i jes went soulja twitter page n i aint seen da tweet

  • got white


  • larry

    congrats man. yall whole squad bout to be rich. swagg up next den u got fly boy gang niggaz oh n i forgot about p.rico. when dis nigga mixtape drop there is gonna b a bidding war for dat nigga i guarantee it

    • GDK Nigga


    • Anonymous

      Niggas going to be broke and Soulja going to suck every last penny from this nigga

  • amilli


  • hell rell

    i know mister fuckin hella thots now lol

    • Dame Dash

      dem hoes rushin now. dem opp bitches tryna suck his dick

  • BDK

    Idont trust that shit lil mister ma nigga but he fuccin with soulja boy who used to be with opp.this shit prob a joke.keep ya guard up mister #NOLACKIN

    • da brickz

      hell yea i feel u manigga. somethin dont sound right bout it at all

      • dont add up foreal

        • R.I.P LIL JOJO 300KILLA

          Lols soulja betta not be playin games brikksquad dont fucc around with they money.guns on deck

          • onGD

            if soulja bulshittin dat nigga dont want no smoke fareal

  • BDK!

    Soulja boy tryin to use him because of the beef he got wit gbe now…mister a fool if he go along with it!

  • Soulja boy scared of GBE so he signs this nigga Lmatfo he wack as hell.he most def ah fuck boy…300

  • D Rock

    Ion trust dat nigga Soulja. One minute he fuckin wit GBE, now he riding Briksquad meat. I woulddnt of signed wit em

  • Kelisha


  • Donte from da Flats

    Niggas dont understand da underground shit behind dis. I think that nigga Soulja Fu FU. this nigga dickriding GBE. Chief Keef and Soulja in kahoots. I wudnt trust dat nigga

  • Vaun

    I fuck w/ GBE. Soulja Boy a OPP!!!

  • OBlock BD


  • G Baby

    I fuk with Mista!!!

  • 079allday

    all of jojoz niggaz gettin on. im happy 4 dese niggaz

  • tif

    mister been hella quiet. i aint heard from him. i wanna hear more from

  • CHIraq Soldier

    CHIRAQ on Da CUM UP!!!

  • A Milli

    This shit dope. Im happy 4 my nigga!!! I always bump him a p rico shit

  • GDK Nigga


  • mano

    This CHICAGO nigga!!!

  • De2ce Club Gamma Chapter

    Ima try to get Bricksquad to come to my school for a concert

  • Shawny Folkz

    Mah city boutta eat. We Next 2 blow!!

  • Xavier


  • Cody Get Ca$h

    (JoJo voice) IIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!

  • Hyde Park

    ok i see yhu lil mister

  • Piru Ni66a

    I fuck wit all dem niggaz gbe bricksquad rico recklezz i hope all dem niggaz get dey shine

  • Bricksquad ^^

    Lets go montana got a deal. It dont matter if soulja signed demm fuck boys in GBE demm niggas stole from tht nigga so he proly sed fck it. cuz durk reese and keef is all garbage.BDK^^ ON YA FCKIN TOMBSTONE!! #JOJOWORLD#AIKIVILLE#300K.

  • He aint signed to him now ?

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