Suspects Kill Baby In Hit-And-Run After Fleeing Glo Gang Capo Murder Scene

A baby has died from injuries sustained in a hit-and-run accident following the fatal shooting of Glo Gang rapper Capo Saturday afternoon.

The boy’s mother was waiting by a bus stop with him in his stroller when suspects in a drive-by struck them, according to ABC 7 Chicago. Witnesses reportedly said the car continued driving through an empty lot before stopping near an alley. The suspects exited the vehicle and attempted to flee the scene. Police reportedly arrested two men from the vehicle.

The boy was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to NBC Chicago.

Capo was shot in the 7700 block of South Kingston Avenue in the South Shore neighborhood, according to the Chicago Tribune. The “G.L.O.N.L. 2” rapper was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition where he later died.

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  • Jamal’sFriedChicken

    lakeside clowns killed capo an a baby and got caught after, thats how u throw your life away niggas, stupid fucks cant even do a hit right

    • that who no limit beefs wit for the most part?…or did capo have a personal beef w/ someone from that click ? (lakeside)

      • Jamal’sFriedChicken

        them nolims just killed a nigga named von who was pockettown lakeside shit and they claimin they smoked capo on twitter an shit, makes sense tho cause capo got killed on the eastside

        • t lord

          False von got wacked by sircon

          • Jamal’sFriedChicken

            sircon gds aint do shit but claim at first u dumb as fuck fanboy

          • t lord

            Pull up fucc nigga Austin n Augusta

          • KingC

            jeez were the tweets at

          • rocky

            lol even kts know sirrcon didnt do shit that why they laughing at them but dissing nolimit

    • bigfoot2011

      What they Twitter? Wanna read that shit

    • FOLK103

      this black on black violence is sick after 400 years of bullshit just to come to this genocide on your own race

  • Mr 2 centz

    if this was Lakeside why they fleeing to 63rd street?

  • Sixtown13 .

    So many cowards in this city

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  • Smiles

    Yo yo yo like lil thug got a cap yo in his hip hop yo yo.

    When does the looting start ?

  • russiankilla

    Uhm Uhm baby has died becaz the (accident) police version of a shit, but we don’t know what da fuck really happened shit there so fuck this guy want kill this pussy nigga

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