Swagg Dinero Opens Up On Arrest At Brother Lil JoJo’s Funeral

Swagg Dinero revealed he was arrested at the September 2012 funeral service for his brother Lil JoJo. The Bricksquad rapper shared an IG post of himself in handcuffs.

“I’ll never forget the day I had to bury my brother. Even with all the pain they seem me going through the law still found a way to put me away for the night. Maybe for the good of me and them though. Imagine going from you brothers burial to a jail cell… THIS IS WHY I GO HARD. I LOVE U LIL N-GGA AND DIS SH-T AINT GON NEVER END ITS #JoJoWorld Til the end,” the caption on his post read.

Hundreds of friends and family attended JoJo’s funeral. The attendees packed the Jones Funeral Home in Chicago to pay their last respects. The atmosphere got so hectic that police had to clear the funeral home after some attendees nearly knocked JoJo’s casket onto the floor in hopes of catching a glimpse of his body.

Swagg offered his thoughts on the home going service during an interview with Chicago Sun-Times.

“Today’s a rough day for me. We grew up together. I’m not feeling right. I’m feeling crazy right now. But sh*t you see all the people supporting him. He was loved,” he told the Sun-Times. “Everyone wanted to see him. That didn’t make me mad. It makes me feel good. He was respected. He was known and appreciated.”

Cousin Charles Swift, however, was unhappy with the crowd the funeral attracted. Swift told the Sun Times the groups of young men who lingered near JoJo’s grave were not “family.”

“They say they’re family, but they’re not,” Swift said, according to the Sun Times. “You see all these shirts and you think JoJo must have been a big-time gang-banger because of all the people wishing him off to rest in peace. It’s the total opposite. This was a kid who was respectful and had his family behind him.”

A lot of the attendees took to the parking lot to rap JoJo’s song “3HunnaK.” “These n-ggas claim 300, but we BDK!” they chanted.

Chicago police received a “shots fired” call as motorists to Mount Hope Cemetery where Coleman’s body was to be buried, according to Chicago Tribune.

Police reportedly confiscated a loaded .45-caliber pistol, as reported by the Sun Times.
Investigators believe this song led to JoJo’s demise.

“That BDK sh*t was for the opposing rap team,” Swagg told the Sun Times. “The song was a Lil Durk diss. It was more music . . . killing them with rhymes.”

Swagg promised he would to stick music to continue JoJo’s legacy and make a way for his family.

“I just lost my brother so I have to finish this dream of his, accomplish his mission with this music. I gotta feed my family,” he said.

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  • hasan

    i guess only swagg and a bunch of beasties got arrested

  • Playboi Juan

    if a city got a high murder check dese bitches. cause bitches gettin niggas kilt eryday oms. every 4 minutes a nigga is losing his life ova sum pussy rt. dese bitches gots 2 b put in they place playboi. we givin dese hoes 2 much n da millenium. dats hows i know dese yung kids dont kno da game. n even if dey knew da game, dey willingly throw it 4 da kitty kat. u gots ta beat da kitty. dont let kitty kat beat you. this playboi juan n im out deucse

  • Jon Jeez

    they turned jojo funeral into da club smh

  • Anonymous

    Jojo funeral goin up on a Tuesday, jojo dead on a tuesday

  • CPD

    Why was he dressed for gym at his brother’s funeral?

  • Ant

    swagg goof ass look like he was having fun at jojo funeral lbs

  • FuckGloGang

    I understand Shitzz , he was Wearing that bc he made that when JoJo died to show Respect and to show him Jojo lives in him! Swagg may have gotten arrested because he was sad that that killed his brother he was turning up, sad i understand Words can’t explain #RipJoJo #JoJoGang

  • Jock

    dey prolly jes sat dat nigga on da curb n released him

  • Z

    Swagg had a bip jojo tee on it was very hot that day obviously in the sun he took off the tee.

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