Teen Girl Beats Up Bully Jaide in Locker Room

A video of teenage bullying has gone viral. World Star Hip Hop posted a video showing a young girl defending herself against taunting bully.

A bully and friends found it in good taste to pick on a young girl inside a locker room. But the victim got the last laugh.

The victim actually refrained from reacting to the taunting antics of the bully. But she soon defended herself after the bully laid hands on her.

Check out a teen girl defending herself against a bully below.

Should the young have defended herself or sought help from a faculty member? Sound off below.

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  • Kammi

    She got her ass handed to her lol

    • moneymike

      hell yea

  • Felicia

    That’s what the bully gets hmph!

  • Nelly Boop

    she knocked dat bitch block off lmbo!!!

  • Pearlina

    Im glad she beat dat bitch ass. Bullies gets no love. I used 2 get bullied back in school. we need 2 to start standing up 2 deze no heart bastards. S/O to ol gurl

  • Gimme Dat Becky!!

    She was talkin big girl stuff and get dat ass beat haha

  • Bianca

    That fight was funny ass hell. she beat da breaks off dat girl lolz

  • Drena

    But foreal tho. She gave ol so much time to collect herself and get ready for another round. It really should’ve been a blood bath. But yhu can tell her friends prolly woulda jumped in. She got her ass whoop tho lol

    • luv818

      right. she spared the lil girl

  • Never Underestimate

    Jaide U Got Knocked Da FUUUUUGGG OUT!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Cody Get Ca$h

    Damn I feel bad for the bully lol

  • Lonzo

    Yo that chick was eating dem punches. #KnuckleSandwich

  • FAMU Chica

    Dat gurl got her ass beat. But she was still talking shit. Yhu know what dey say. Da loudest in the room is the weakest in da room.

  • Ke$ha Bad Azz

    I dun played dat fight like hunnit times. jaide got fucked up tho.

  • Fuck a name

    That girl and da uppercut bus driver gotta bee related on everything

  • Vigilante TeTe

    Jaide, how many fingers im holdin up?

  • Jackie :-)

    But y was she still tawkin shit doe???

  • Venicia

    Im weak at da memes ppl dun created

  • Raris n rovers

    womp womp

  • debbie cakes

    that jade was doin all dat tawkin but ended up gettin dat ass tapped. tsk tsk

  • Butch


  • K dot

    Talkin all dat shit den lights out!!

  • bizzy body

    Dats wat she get for tryna b big and bad in front of friends n ol girl could have demolished her

  • MsMeika

    Modern day Karate Kid…;-)theres a match for everyone and she met hers that day. #teamkaratekid

    • luv818

      ikr lol

  • luv818

    good for her bullies make me sick. everyone in that learned a valuable lesson. If the girl recording was really her friend. she would not have released the video to embarrass her.

    • MsMeika

      Im sure they all were sick of her and wanted her to never forget the day that karma got that a** back.

      • luv818

        karma aint the word girl lol. i bet al of them girls now hang with the other girl

  • Bane

    bitch got mollywhopped cuz lmbo

  • Melody Got Melodies

    damn it really shoulda been a worser ass whoopin

  • Shante

    Is my tracks coo? LMBO

  • Nique

    FINISH HER!!!!!

  • keke

    That girl can’t go nowhere no no more. she is an internet sensation all for the wrong things lol

  • quezzy

    lmfao this freaking epic

  • Kelisha

    First the bus driver uppercut now this. I just can’t lol. What time the game come on lol??

  • owt here

    i don’t condone violence, but this young lady had it coming

  • Stephanie

    Goody fa her ass beat her ass some more lil

  • Stephanie

    She got no fucking friends boosting her head but she still gets beat up lmao wooow

  • reggie

    ccccccccccombo breaker!!!!!!!!!

  • pimpin ken

    That was sum killer instinct mves rite dere

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