Tyler The Creator Calls Mac Miller A Homophobic Slur

Tyler the Creator is typically unabashed when it comes to making derogatory remarks, especially homophobic slurs.

On July 4, the “Tree Home” rapper dropped the “F-Bomb” against one of Hip Hop’s rising Independent artists.

“@MacMiller FUCKING FAGGOT YOU SMELL LIKE SHIT,” the controversial rap star wrote.

Tyler later removed the Tweet.

Tyler’s verbal blows at opposing rap artists are generally taken with a grain of salt. Tyler The Creator, who is too an Independent artist, may have waged a rap beef.

What are your thoughts on a Tyler The Creator and Mac Miller rap beef? Sound off below.

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  • arthur aardvark nigga

    both of are faggots

  • Tod

    he can say faggot because frank ocean fucks him in the ass

  • waunie


  • poke ya

    haha y he call him that. he must know somthin about him

  • Anonymous


  • kc

    Publisher is retarded.its a joke,theyre friends. Never underestimate the stupidity of people via twitter. Retard.

  • anonymous

    people’s immaturity is just ridiculous. commenting on something like this and calling the poster a “retard” only adds to the issue of wording not being taken seriously.
    calling someone a f***t is offensive, regardless of whether it was meant seriously or not. it is a word that has deep roots in hatred, and he’s clearly using it in a negative way. this artist has a large following and he’s really only encouraging and perpetuating the use of anti-gay slurs by doing things like this. honestly, I’d hoped that he would have stopped doing such things after the scandal in 2011, because people claim that he’s such a talented artist, but he doesn’t seem to be attempting to redeem himself at all.

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