Uproar Over Blackface at Southern Miss

Six University of Mississippi sorority students were placed on probation following racially insensitive actions that took place at a 1980s themed costume party a week ago. The young women, members of Phi Mu Sorority, Inc., dressed in blackface to portray themselves as the Huxtable family from “The Cosby Show.”

Originating in the 19th century, Blackface was theatrical makeup used during Minstrel shows, in which actors promoted racial stereotypes as a form of entertainment.

Joe Paul, vice president of student affairs, told the Huffington Post executive officers of Phi Mu and the women involved met with a group of African-American students leaders at the university.

Phi Mu National President Kris Bridges says that the matter is being investigated and that more disciplinary action could follow. She says that the local chapter will also sponsor a campus wide program on diversity appreciation.

Photo is courtesy of Ashton E. Pittman, who is a Journalism student at the University of Southern Mississippi. Click here to read Pittman’s piece “The Photo That Started the Southern Miss ‘Blackface’ Uproar.”

Read more about Blackface Minstrelsy on PBS here

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  • Jamie

    I’m pretty sure it was all in good fun

  • Tate

    I know this is off topic but those girls look pretty hot as black chicks

    • Pat

      Ctfu i was thinking the same thing bro lol

      • Casey

        They are kinda cute

  • Kim

    Cosby had two fair skin daughter in Denise and I forgot the other one name. But 2 of the white girl didnt need to put the black make up on

  • Joe

    This crap happens all the time on Halloween on campuses. Its like a freakin ritual

  • Matt

    I really despise these preppy ass frats and sororities.

  • Stiffy

    Their teeth are like extra white

  • SouthernBell

    I actually am friends with the women accused of being racist. This was just clever idea for a costume . They didn’t set out to intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings. I know people head Mississippi and think we are the damn Ku Klux Klan, but Southern Miss is nothing like that. Your article points out the history of blackface and I have been looking at the PBS link. I didn’t know anything about this I’m American history. It is horrible but trust me this isn’t what my friend were trying to accomplish. We need to use this as an opportunity to educate everyone on the history of blackface. You shouldn’t seek to bash someone ignorant of this bit of information. We don’t seek to make national news for anything negative. I’m not goo.g to say this situation was blown way over proportion but I can understand where the anger comes from but my friends are extremely sorry for the chain events that took place this past week

    • Sammie

      Clever idea for costume!?!?! How in the hell is putting black face on and wearing a fake afro on Halloween clever?! Your friends did it because they thought it would be hilarious. My roommates fraternity had a day called ghetto day where they dressed in baggy clothes with black paint on their bodies. All I can say is your friends knew exactly what they were doing. You dont need to watch a PBS special or listen to a lecture in American history to know this would be offensive to some people.

  • caleb

    rabble rabble rabble rabble

  • Slickrick

    The guy with the sweater must be Michael Jackson hecause he has vitiligo on his arm

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