Waka Flocka Disses GBE?

A recent collaboration between Bricksquad Monopoly rapper Waka Flocka and Bricksquad 069 rapper P. Rico may be reason for a possible dissolution of his relationship with Glory Boyz Entertainment.

A Facebook post retweeted by Mr. “Hang With Me” via his Twitter account details an exchange of words between Waka and a GBE associate regarding comments made by BallOut.

According to the Facebook post, Waka directed a message at BallOut, writing, “Aye tell ballout he to chill with all that talking shit on facebook cause thaat song I did with p. rico didnt know that was finna be a diss song and shit them nigga paid 4000 to do the song!”

NoLimit Dooski, an affiliated of Glory Boyz, slammed the “No Hands” rapper, writing, “Fuck outta hur folk gbe fucked with you hard now you wanna fuck with them opp niggas but its cool you know how we rocking.”

“Folk you calle chiefkeef yo brutha and shit,” he added.

Waka shot back, “Man yall nigga be on sum other shit damn nigga im out here getting this fucking money.”

“Bruh fuck yall fuck GBE yall fuck with Gucci mane nigga im out hur,” he wrote.

Waka linked with BSM artist Bo Deal and P. Rico for the song “We Don’t Run From Drama.”

Check out Bo Deal ‘We Don’t Run From Drama’ official music video featuring Waka Flocka & P. Rico

P. Rico is a member of Bricksquad 069, a faction of the Gangster Disciples and a rival street gang to Chief Keef’s Glory Boyz camp. GBE has affiliations to O’Block and Lamron 064, a faction of the Black Disciples street gang.

The beef between GBE and Bricksquad intensified following the death of “3HunnaK” rapper Lil’ JoJo who murdered in a drive-by shooting on Sept. 4, 2012.

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22 Responses to Waka Flocka Disses GBE?

  1. Hasan says:

    Shit crazy lol

  2. Eweezy says:

    damn erybody aint fukin wit gbe now o_O

  3. LaLa Baker says:

    yea waka fuckin wit opps now n gbe don’t like dat. its bout 2 b a war now

  4. Anonymous says:

    damn smh

  5. Shay Baby KTown says:

    Waka a grown ass man. Dat nigga getting money. He aint gotta involved himself in Chief Keef’s beef TF??

  6. Kyle says:

    damn n chief keef bricksquad now. aint no loyalty in dis game man smh

  7. Molly Cyrus says:

    Hip Hop everybody for themselves. Welcome to the real world Sosa!

  8. Kirk says:

    That’s crazy see when you do dirt it come back on you like that Jojo killing know GBE beefin with Waka,Bo’deal,SOD and FBG maybe even with lil durk and OTF them BD niggas turnin on each other Shit hilarious

    • chicagokid70 says:

      waka flocka and all the other celebs have nothing to do with that street beef between them and bricksquad. they only with that rap beef

  9. Lil Dawg says:

    Waka Flocka is a grown azz man. he is about business not opps

  10. juugn says:

    Waka Flocka dont want it with gbe

  11. Anonymous says:

    gbe will slump bsm. dey don wan it

  12. pacquio says:


  13. steve o says:

    gbe aint worried bout nuthin

  14. dougie fresh says:

    yea i saw dat on Facebook too. lol

  15. fan made says:

    this shit cray as fuck

  16. Phresh Air 1906 says:

    Is this real???

  17. G Money says:

    Waka trash. He not touching Chief Keef

  18. Anonymous says:

    waka a opp. fucc em

  19. damon says:

    waka flocka bsm don’t mess with 1017 anymore n chief keef with 1017

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