Waka Flocka Says Chicago Gangster Disciples Were After Gucci Mane

Waka Flocka set out to expose Gucci Mane whom he repeatedly referred to as “Ice Cream Cone” in a series of tweets this past weekend.

“When I met #IceCreamCone he was wearing cowboy boots and clear Jordan’s #Rns,” he wrote.

Waka went on to attack Gucci’s street credibility and called the “Darker” rapper a “studio thug” citing an incident that occurred in Chicago with a notorious street gang.

“Gd’s surround your hotel in Chicago @#IceCreamCone @gucci1017 was blowing my phone up….Don’t make me expose you myG,” the “Hard In The Paint” rapper said.

Waka also said Gucci faced problems in Detroit and St. Louis.

“Them Detroit nigga had #IceCreamCone shook ask #Sweets&Trick save to puss ass #StudioThug

“#BIGHOMIEFLOCK StL expose that lame he a sheep #Facts,” he wrote.

Waka said Gucci Mane is in constant fear of his life and has to keep security.

“The Internet is one thing, But the streets know #IceCreamCone got more security then the president #StudioThug

“Hood niggas don’t need a hood pass #Fact #StudioThug #BigHomieFlock

Waka finished his rant saying he and Gucci will settle their differences when they see each other.

“No more attention see me when you see me,” he wrote.

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14 Responses to Waka Flocka Says Chicago Gangster Disciples Were After Gucci Mane

  1. reno says:

    waka disloyal af

  2. CK says:

    i never heard of that lol

  3. Sharod says:


  4. yung 1 says:

    haha gds had him shook doe lol

  5. so icey says:

    waka lying with his b***h azz. gucci gon send them goons for you n*gga

  6. e 40 says:

    damn waka flocka…

  7. mack says:

    da Gs f*** with gucci. i don’t believe it

  8. mone says:

    when did gucci n bam start beefing. i been mission out

  9. LAWMAN says:

    Gucci do be flexin jeezy,yo gotti said da samething waka just speakin on it bkuz he saw it for years!!! rememeber this muzik industry is deep n every artist has flaws gds in east atl got at Gucci!! 07,08

  10. sky high says:

    damn this beef is about to get crazy

  11. xman says:

    this aint gonna end well

  12. trigga man says:

    waka flocka only safe in chicago because of bo deal. he got a hood pass

  13. cee cee says:

    yall dont remember when gucci got dat ugly ass bart simpson chain took from him a few years ago in chicago? lol. everybody on da east was wearin dat mf lol

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