Wale Calls New Single ‘Love Hate Thing’ A ‘New Black Soul’

“The idea behind ‘love hate thing’ is what comes with shine.Passive aggressive hate from those closest to u. I feel like everybody can relate”
– Wale, “Love Hate Thing”

Wale is reinventing a powerful genre.

Fusing his brand of spoken word with classic soul, the “Bad” artist released his latest single “Love Hate Thing” featuring Sam Dew Monday morning to positive reviews.

Twitter user @GetLike_Bri commented, “In love with @wale ‘Love Hate Thing’ Such a good song. That beat literally moved my soul.”

Wale replied, “New black soul.”

Wale went on to describe the deeper meaning behind the single.

“The idea behind ‘lovehate thing’ is what comes with shine.Passive aggressive hate from those closest to u. I feel like everybody can relate,” he wrote.

In “Love Hate Thing,” Wale raps, “As you reaching your goals, you gon’ meet you some foes/ Having dinner with Leonsis I’m dreaming to own/ But for now me and my homies see the bottom floor/ I’m trying to redefine the culture, and a bigger soul/ Women in town but I manifesting every goal.”

Soul is a powerful, original genre innovated by African Americans. The genre has been somewhat fazed out in today’s music industry.

Wale aims to bring it back with a little twist.

“I’m tryna bring some soul thru the door.

“’That new black soul’ Monday morning,” he wrote.

Wale knows his new music will propel him to the top.

“They gon love u a Lil different when u at the top,” he wrote.

“Love Hate Thing” will appear on Wale’s upcoming album “The Gifted,” which is slated to drop June 25.

Listen to “Love Hate Thing” below

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  • Felicia

    beautiful song! 🙂

  • Erica

    omg i love this song. wale da new pac

  • James Williams

    new black soul? what happened to old black soul?

    • frankie

      its dead nigga!

      • Dennis Rob Man

        black soul aint dead faggot. go to a black church and you tell me if its dead. record labels signing real musical talent anymore. They are trying to white wash to craft.

        • ballin craig

          soul aint dead. old soul music is timeless. Wale bringin sumthin refreshin with his new black soul

  • real nicca tae


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