Wiz Khalifa Is Latest Rapper To Wear A Dress

Wiz Khalifa is experimenting with some new fashion threads.

The “Work Hard, Play Hard” rapper posted a photo of himself to his Instagram sporting a skirt.

“Timeless sleezy ass pic are you kidding me. Selfie sleaze of the year now,” the caption on the photo read.

Wiz is among a throng of rappers to wear a dress.

Kanye West famously wore a black leather skirt and leggings during performances in his Watch The Throne” tour and a Sandy Hook benefit concert.

West’s attire drew wise cracks from fellow entertainers Cam’ron and Chris Brown.

“Pyrex and a skirt? Sh*t ain’t adding up and if you co-sign I’m blocking you. Straight up! I’ma have to save us,” Cam’ron wrote on Twitter.

Chris Brown commented on a Nicole Bitchie blog post, writing, “That sh*t suspect. Can’t get with that swag. N*ggas gone be wearing heels next.”

ASAP Rocky is another such rapper who has an affinity for dresses. The “Peso” rapper had social media buzzing after making an appearance on 106 & park wearing a dress.

The rapper, born Rakim Mayers, later referred to the ensemble as a long shirt.

Dipset rapper and fellow Harlemite Freeky Zeeky found ASAP’s clothing choice comical.

“Where is that person that was like ‘106, wear the dress, put the leggings on. I’m telling you the world gonna love it,’” Freeky said during an interview with VladTV. “Who says that? Where is that person at? Get him out of there… then where is your brain at?

Lil Wayne, who often catches flack for his eccentric style of wardrobe, commented on the dress trend in his “Started From The Bottom” freestyle from “Dedication 5” mixtape, rapping, “Yall don’t want no problems up in here/These niggas wear dresses and yall call me weird?”

Aaron McGruder, creator of The Boondocks animated series, predicted the dress trend would take hold in Hip Hop after producing the infamous “Gangstalicious Part 2” episode that appeared in season two.

Gangstalicious, voiced by Brooklyn rapper Mos Def, portrays a closeted homosexual rapper in the episode who starts a line of feminized clothing that he frequently sends to Riley.

Check out The Boondocks “Gangstalicious Pt. 2” episode

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  • tone

    I guess amber rose wears the pants in the relationship lol

  • chuck

    lmao aw man no no no lol

  • marcus

    boondocks episode is epic lmao. they predicted it!

  • 74 till da world blow

    LMAO yall crazy on 4nem

  • bk niqqa

    y dese niggaz wearin skirts n shyt -__-

  • wesley

    haha im weak

  • DreadHead

    watch all y’all niggaz start wearing lv skirts by next year

  • kyle


  • reggie driller

    gangstalicious lol

  • trippy mane

    this is the emasculation of the black man right here

  • pat

    thats some gay ass shit. that aint hip hop

  • dontae simmons

    does he have on leggings underneath?

  • whitney

    damn dawg!

  • red

    gangsterlicious episode got me weak

  • sin city

    too funny

  • nigga,nigga,nigga

    Yo do tranny james have on a mini skirt? Whoa niggas is fagging out. Surprised Wayne ain’t do it. Not surprised Diddy did it. Look at him he think he fine in that shit. Yo I swear Aaron mcGruder and negrodamaus are prophets and these niggas gay. I knew wiz was a bitch he talk like one lame got married to a bald headed bitch as soon as he blew up infesting himself in yeezy’s hand me down and I knew future was a fag too he is from Asslanta. Damn titty boy shit change to much since u became 2 chains. It’s bad when you got r&b nigga clowning,fucking lames. At least kanye did it to be original and it’s some shit he would do,but the rest of the monkeys are followers if the heard it was cool to blow a guy on stage they would do it

  • adzi

    theres a video on youtube with chappelle saying they asked him to wear a dress and apparanrtly all the “greats” wear a dress its an illuminati ritual do some research people! wake up

  • We love wearing skirts and panties and thongs. I also wear kotex in my anus.

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