Would L’A Capone Be Alive Today If There Were A Trauma Center In South Side Chicago?

Several months have passed since L’A Capone’s tragic shooting death. Capone, born Leonard Anderson, was shot as he was leaving a recording studio near 70th street and Stony Island.

Capone, who was 17 at the time of his death, was waiting for a ride when shots rang out from an unknown assailant, striking him in the right thigh and lower back, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Capone had to be transported more than 10 miles to Northwestern Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Capone died after losing too much blood, his mother Dedra Morris told DNAinfo.

“They said he was losing too much blood,” Morris quoted the doctors as saying, according to DNAinfo. They stopped it twice, but the third time he stopped breathing.”

“I guess he got tired of trying to fight,” she added.

Darius Lightfoot, co-founder of Fearless Leading By The Youth (FLY), is fighting to have a level-one trauma center in South Side Chicago.

“As of recently since 2010, FLY has started a campaign called the ‘Trauma Center Campaign,’ which is to get a level-one trauma center on the South Side,” Lightfoot told Thomas Morton of Noisey in the “Chiraq” documentary. “Throughout the whole South Side, there is not one level-one trauma center for people of the age 16 and older. So if you’re 16 or older, you have to travel 10 miles just to get treated for a life-threatening injury.”

Candice Turner, a member of FLY, said her 18-year-old brother Damian died on his way to the hospital after being shot Aug. 15, 2010.

“He died on his way to the hospital because he had to be taken so far,” she said.

The nearest hospital with a trauma center for Damian was Northwestern Hospital.

Damian was shot on 61st and Cottage, three blocks away from University of Chicago Medical Center in Hyde Park. UCMC, ranked among the best hospitals in the nation, has a pediatric trauma center that services children 16 and younger.

(Damian Turner)

Capone, too, was minutes away from UCMC. He was cut off from treatment from the hospital because he turned 17 just a week prior to his death.

(A marks the location of Capone’s shooting, B is the location of Northwestern Hospital, C is University of Chicago Medical Center.)

There are four adult trauma centers in Chicago, including, “Northwestern and Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital on the North Side and Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center and the John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County on the West Side.

Candice regarded the city’s failure to place a trauma center in South Side Chicago as a “race issue.”

Sheila Rush, Damian’s mother, has been a vocal advocate for an adult trauma center in South Side Chicago since her son’s death.

“It would have taken about a minute in a vehicle to get Damian to the U. of C. hospital,” Rush told the New York Times. “My sweet baby could still be alive today if the U. of C. had a trauma center. It’s just down the street.”

Rising costs prompted UCMC to shut down their trauma center in 1988, NYT reports.

“We drew the entire South Side,” John Easton, a spokesman for the medical center, told NYT. “That became overwhelming. It put an enormous strain on the hospital.”

UCMC opened a new $700 million, 1.2-million-sqare-foot, 10-story state-of-the-art facility on Feb. 23, 2013.

Revenues for patient cares at the hospital were more than $1 billion, according to UCMC’s website. The hospital is adequately staffed with more than 9,500 employees, including 700 attending physicians, 900 residents and fellows, and more than 1,500 nurses.

Chicago’s emergency health center system has long been criticized.

The now-closed Ravenswood Hospital was slammed after refusing to admit a dying South Side teen in 1998.

Christopher Sercye, 15, was shot in the abdomen while playing a game of basketball. Friends carried Sercye within 35 feet of the hospital, but personnel refused to bring him in, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Sercye bled to death outside of the hospital.

The hospital’s actions even drew strong criticism from then-president Bill Clinton.

The family of Sercye won a $12.5 million settlement from Ravenswood for Christopher’s death in 2003.

Rush told NYT she would continue fighting for an adult trauma center “so the next Damian will have chance.”

“It’s not just about my son,” Ms. Rush said. “Too many youth are dying when they don’t have to.”

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  • lackin

    Smh they let him die because he was just one week too old for the 16 and under trauma ward… That’s just sad.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    why don’t they just build a trauma center. wtf wrong with them

  • CiCi

    crazy never knew that

  • Anonymous

    Chicago on some other shit they should’ve just took him in at the child hospital.

  • Anonymous

    niggas in chicago don’t realize who the real opps are smh

    • Anonymous

      They own niggas are.

  • she_badd


  • Ramon

    Racism is real..

    • Anonymous

      Wtf does this have to do with racism?

  • nuggsoflife

    Just think of all the drug dealers gang bangers and murders that would still be alive if there was a south side trauma center

    • Trey Richardson

      If the inner-city community had more resources such as jobs, hospitals, community centers then there wouldn’t be as much drug dealers, gang banger, and murders.

      • lol

        why bother giving the welfare queens their trauma center.they are doing america a favor by killing each other so that a person who actually contributes to society in a positive way can replace them

    • All I Rock Is Polo

      Why does everybody who get shot gotta be drug dealer or gang banger?

  • Margaret

    they need to protest and speak out on the issues in their community. mark kirk can get 18 million dollars to build prisons but can’t build a trauma center. Something isn’t right.

  • Anonymous

    thats a damn shame

  • Drew

    why tf is this just being brought up now that L’A died… many kids have died before him

  • Anonymous

    that should be an outrage

  • Anonymous


  • Trap Game Bill Gates

    Jojo would still be dead because the bullets went through his chest but L’A would still be alive cause he was fighting but RIP both

    • Anonymous

      a chest shot doesnt instantly kill you. depends on where in the chest it hits you

  • Blackdisciplenation

    Umm y not take him to Christ on 95th they trauma

  • Amp

    Who was the friend with him leaving the studio

    • Anonymous

      Idk but i think it was cdai

      • Anonymous

        Rondo and Durk. I wonder if LA was able to talk when rondo came outside after hearing the gunshots and if he told rondo who, or what set walked up on him. It makes me wonder if rondo let a murderer walk free because he didn’t want to “snitch”

        • Anonymous

          nigga he was with 1 nigga and you named 2.

    • Anonymous

      JB was the friend.

  • He was with like a thot or some shit rondo and them really be out their

    • Anonymous

      rondo aint out hea boa SQUADDDDDD


  • Anonymous

    yes he would have definitely survived that shooting

  • Chubbz

    YM x 051 x Cottage x Grove x 800 x MCN x STONES

    Ima put it like this. All a trauma center gonna do is make muhfuckas just shoot wit better aim. Now everyone gonna be going for dome shots. All dats gonna do is make niggas shoot more and wit more precision fck em let the opps bleed out on LA dead 50c cake ass #SQUAD #THINKABOUTiTTTTT

    • Larry Paschal

      Yep everybody gon get headshots just like fat head

  • Lil Shawn

    thats crazy he was losing blood by the second n he wasnt allowed to go to the hospital was rite around da corner doe.

  • Anonymous

    if someone is dying then why not send that person to the closest hospital

    • lackin

      Cuz hospitals are big business and they care more about making money than saving lives.

  • there are not going to be too many trauma centers left due to insurance payments for trauma specialties, might as well teach kids in school how to bandage up their own knife and gun shot wounds.

  • Utah gangster

    There probably won’t ever be a trauma center in Southside Chicago. The southside has been ignor3ed for so long Rahm Emmanuel and his lackies won’t want to break the habit of a lifetime,smh

  • lACapone600

    yes if it wasnt to far he would’ve survived SMH #LongLiveL’a

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