50 Tyson Addresses Beef With Billionaire Black

50 Tyson created vlog to set the record straight on his thoughts on Billionaire Black. 50 and Billionaire reportedly had a falling out in Summer 2013.

“I don’t got no beef with you,” 50 said in reference to Billionaire. “I never had no beef with FBG, FBG Duck, Lil Jay, Wuga World, Swagg, P. Rico or Lil Mister.”

Tyson said he was offended by alleged threats Billionaire Black made to him. According to Tyson, he and Billion were to record a collaborative track, but plans ultimately fell through.

Tyson alleged Billion told him he would get “popped f-cking with the opps.”

Tyson went on to clarify his business relationship with fellow artists.

“I do business with a lot of people in the industry,” he said. “I don’t just do business with one side. I do business with everybody in the industry because you know for me being 50 Tyson I f-ck with everybody.”

Tyson went on to cite Bo Deal’s “I’ma Opp” track where he brought the City’s rappers from rival gangs together.

“I like to f-ck with people cause I f-ck with people music,” he said. “I support what they do.”

Tyson said he has nothing, but respect for JoJo World and even cited his recent music collaboration with Swagg Dinero for single “Superman.”

50 Tyson said he doesn’t want any beef with Billionaire despite allegedly being called “slow boy.” Tyson didn’t take too kindly to that due to suffering from Autism.

50 Tyson said he didn’t have time to respond to Billion’s remarks due to his ongoing beef with Bow Wow after the 106 & Park host mocked his condition.

What Billionaire Black thinks? The FBG Clout Boy commented on Tyson’s remarks, writing “LMAOOOOOOO IM NOT INTO IT WIT NO F-CKIN 50 TYSON.”

Check out 50 Tyson’s Billionaire Black address below.

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