Boy Found Burned In Trash In Chiraq

Chicago is on pace to record it worst homicide rate in years. Each story of a victim’s demise doesn’t cease to shock the world. But the city’s latest homicide victim is nothing short of sick.

Demetrius Griffin, Jr., 15, met a sad fate after his body was discovered burning in a trashcan in an alley early Saturday morning on Chicago’s West Side. His body was burned beyond recognition.

Griffin’s mother Polly Sykes feared the worst when her son didn’t make his curfew.

“Once I realize he didn’t come in on his curfew, I knew something was wrong,” Sykes told ABC 7 Chicago.

Sykes called for the community’s help in bringing her son’s killer to justice during a vigil Tuesday attended by 150 people.

“Community, I need your help!” she told onlookers, according to the Chicago Tribune. “They killed my baby out here, in this alley. You know something. Please come forward. They took my life.”

Demetrius had just started high school, and had plans to join the swim team.

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