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Chad Ochocinco Speaks With Fredo Santana After Announcing Plans To Unite Migos and GBE

Chad Ochocinco wants to see a resolution to GBE and Migos’ escalating beef. The pro athlete told followers he believes he can end the two popular camps’ beef.

“I’m so positive I can unite Migos & Glory Boys…

“I’m full of love today & I’m happy as hell,” he wrote on Twiter.

Ocho would later reveal he had a conversation with Mr. Fredo Santana himself.

“Just spoke w/ he homie @FREDOSANTANA300 , real thorough dude,” he wrote.

Details of Ocho and Fredo’s conversation were not disclosed.

Migos and GBE’s beef reached new heights following confrontation inside a Chicago restaurant.

A confrontation between Migos and Capo occurred following the “Fight Night” rappers’ Friday, Nov. 7 scheduled performance at Adriannas.

Fredo threatened he would personally handle the Atlanta rap group if they were to ever try 300 brother Capo again.

“On bd this sh-t go for any rap n*gga u will die playin wit me an I will go to jail wit out a care im the right mf to play wit on bd ALL FACT

“@MigosATL I’m in LA but stop playing wit capo on bd for I get y’all whole camped killed facts my word is LAW so don’t test

“I will do the time for it to.

“An who ever riding wit em is a enemy an I hope y’all no wat I do to enemy’s,” he wrote.

Migos may have directed a subliminal tweet towards Fredo.

“N*ggas hard on the web #peterparker,” the post read.

Fredo replied to the tweet, writing, “I’m hard in real life too check my field record.”

Capo shed light on the incident in a rant posted to Twitter.

“@1YoungTakeoff Way F*ck n*gga Link up Dm yo number! Y’all pull up right Pull up Na

“Migos Soft as hell Y’all Jus Had 20 n*ggas And I was by myself F*ck n*ggas! Link

“@1YoungTakeoff @offsetYRN @QuavoStuntin Link Up Again Were y’all at don’t leave Chicago yet Dm y’all Line let’s meet let’s meet Again!” he wrote.

“On blood grave They all Swung and I didn’t Get hit 2time they Lil rappin Ass had 20 n*ggas Wit Em An ain’t even do sh*t But woof!

“@migosATL Y’all ass was tryna talk I told y’all let’s go outside y’all b*tch ass y’all wanna be real so bad! Y’all fraud ass lil n*ggas!

“Cameras on once the fight was over Y’all ain’t record wat really happen on blood quavo was scared y’all ass funny I’m off the internet Tho!

“Quavious Marshall yall from the north side of Atlanta Y’all can’t Even cum to Zone6 east Atlanta! Gucci don’t f*ck wit yall no Mo @MigosATL

“Bang Bang Kamakazee

“Nobody wanted to Fight One On One I was gone Beat all 3 of the Migos asson Blood!

“Shhhhh close Yo mouth rest Up in the Trap! I make one Call And Then fall I put him on the Map!” he wrote.

Capo also took to IG to call out Migos


“Migos B*tches @MigosATL scary ass N*ggas Y’all ain’t Wanna Fight me One on one! We a meet Again,” the captions on his posts read.

Matters took a turn for the worse after Migos were involved in a brawl at Club Adriannas in Washington D.C.

Chief Keef raised speculation on his involvement in the theft after regramming a photo of Quavo’s chain onto his personal account with a caption, reading, “What’s this?” The photo was later removed.

Capo facetimed the D.C. culprit who snatched Quavo’s chain.

Donno Wildaass posted an up close snapshot of the chain onto IG with a caption, reading, “So This What All The Fuss About #Legteam #PurgeTeam #BlowCheeze.”

Donno filmed himself riding around in traffic with the expensive piece of jewelry.

Capo regrammed the post with a caption, reading, “What’s This.”

The “G.L.O.N.L. 2” rapper went on to taunt Quavo with a series of IG posts.

“@QuavoYm This Quavo Chain he jus got His Sh-t Took! Y’all Thought y’all Was Gone Travel And Think this Sh-t Was Over wit! I Got N-ggas EveryWhere! who Slippin on Bananas now?

“Damn It’s All Bad Quavo! My Slutty’s Caught U Walkin On Bananas… If you want it Back U gotta Pay Hommage Lil B-tch!

“#GloControl,” the captions on his posts read.

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