Chicago Artist DaWeirdo Talks Unique Music and Style; Accuses Young Thug and OG Maco of Swagger Jacking Him

DaWeirdo has brought true meaning to his stage name as an artist on the underground Hip Hop scene. One might find DaWeirdo’s fashion sense to be unorthodox. He’d actually take that as a compliment. A lone dread dangles from the front of DaWeirdo’s short tapered fro. Another dread hangs from the back of his head.

But if you’re taken aback by DaWeirdo’s appearance, he’ll quickly draw you in with his signature high-pitch voice and hard-hitting rhymes and storytelling. The 24-year-old South Side Chicago rapper describes his artistry as “unique.”

“Out of the norm,” DaWeirdo says in reference to his music. “…Untouched sound.”

“…A lot of people ask if I use auto tune,” he continued. “That’s just my flow. I be really turnt up inside the booth. I’m rapping from the soul. I always tell people I got two personalities on the track. I may do the hook in my regular voice. I may do the rap in my high pitch voice. …I started to rap like that in 2010. Back when my first single was called ‘Walking Like Wow.’”

DaWeirdo narrates tales of urban decay in his music. Listeners can really get a sense of what DaWeirdo sees through his lens.

Chicago has been the topic of much discussion due to its poverty and high rate of violence. Some people would rather hide the atrocities of the Windy City streets. DaWeirdo appointed himself the streets spokesman to expose it.

“It was the streets, DaWeirdo said, that inspired his music.

“It was always stories that needed to be told,” he said. “A lot of people didn’t have ways expressing it. I became the street narrator.”

DaWeirdo, formerly known Young Hoodchiano, burst onto the scene with songs “Shirt Off, Tattoos,” “Death of Drill Music” and “Pandora’s Box,” to name a few. But when viewing a few of Daweirdo’s music videos on YouTube, one might notice he shares a striking resemblance to a popular rapper by the name of Young Thug. According to DaWeirdo, it’s actually Young Thug who resembles Hoodchiano.

In 2013, DaWeirdo was surfing World Star when he came across Young Thug’s “Loaded” music video.

“I’m looking at the image and I’m like ‘Wow, that look like me.’ I was the guy- box shades, dreads one side half blonde with the glasses. I clicked on the video and damn near passed out.”

DaWeirdo wasn’t alone. Even his supporters thought Young Thug looked like him.

“When Young Thug came out, a lot of people thought that that was me,” he said. “People was like ‘You look on World Star? Yo video on World Star.’ I’m like ‘That’s not my name. That’s Young Thug.’”

DaWeirdo says his time in Atlanta possibly led to Young Thug discovering his style. The Englewood native made his was to the A in 2011 to perform his song “Shirt Off, Tattoos” for T.I and Grand Hustle.

“I think Young Thug had some type of affiliation with them or he was there,” he said.

With Young Thug’s popularity skyrocketing, there was nothing DaWeirdo could do. He had to go back to the drawing board. It was at this point he decided to drop “Young Hoodchiano” and change his name to “DaWeirdo.”

“I had to turn around, think to myself and stay humble,” he said. “I’m like ‘You know what? I’ma go back to the beginning.’ I had to erase Hoodchiano – that image – and create Daweirdo; something new, something more me. I’ve always been DaWeirdo, but I never wanted to come out and be that person. I didn’t have a choice, so I had to pull it out.”

The name change didn’t hinder DaWeirdo’s creative flow and fiery spirit. It may have perhaps enhanced it. He continued recording hot records, including his classic record “Black Kenny.”

He’s also gearing up for the release of his “Dirty Basterd” EP slated to drop April 6.

Despite the positive energy flowing around DaWeirdo, he happened to suffer a case of déjà vu when surfing WSHH in early March. DaWeirdo discovered his style was once again bitten by another up and coming artist who goes by OG Maco. The “U Guessed It” artist was featured in a The Fader exclusive interview titled “Everything You Need To Know About OG Maco.” It was Maco’s hairstyle that had DaWeirdo fuming.

“His hair was blonde with a dread hanging in front of his face. …You just don’t think about that sh-t overnight,” DaWeirdo said. “…He had to heard about me or seen this in one of my pictures somewhere in order for him to do some sh-t like this because he on. That’s what artists do when they on. They take from local artists. I went to his Instagram and saw he was rocking this style for two weeks.

“I’m like ‘Come on, man.’ …That’s not no coincidence.”

OG Maco has since removed the hanging dread from his forehead.

DaWeirdo is not ditching his name or image this time around. DaWeirdo is here to stay.

“I’m just going to continue to make good music,” DaWeirdo said. “I consider myself as an outcast, overlooked, misunderstood. I’m going to keep pushing that to the people. I have to keep doing me. I’m just staying humble, counting my blessings.”

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